5 Minute Oatmeal

I’m always looking for a breakfast meal that will keep me satisfied all morning!  Typically, I eat something small like a granola bar before I head out for a run or go to the gym and then I eat something more substantial after I get back.  However, I am not the most patient cook on the planet so I like to find quick but healthy alternatives.  I’ve been loving overnight oats recently and I’ve found a bunch of great recipes on Pinterest that I keep adding to my boards!  Today when I woke up, I was craving oatmeal but I didn’t prepare anything last night.  The Quaker instant packets in my pantry were not calling my name…they’re just not filling!  So I settled for this yummy recipe instead:  Peanut Butter Banana Oats 🙂  Inspired by Undressed Skeleton, I substituted chia seeds for flax seeds and opted for a few almonds instead of hazelnuts.  It was yummy!

What You Will Need:

IMG_5664– 1/2 cup your choice of oats

– 1 cup almond milk

– 1 TBSP chia seeds

– 1 banana

– 1/2 TBSP peanut butter

– 1 tsp almonds

Putting It All Together:

1.  Combine oats, milk, and chia seeds in a small bowl.

2.  Cook in the microwave for 1 minute or until oats begin to thicken.

3.  Slice banana and add to oatmeal.

4.  Add peanut butter & almonds.

5.  Enjoy!

Nom. :)

Nom. 🙂



2 thoughts on “5 Minute Oatmeal

  1. I have just started getting into eating oatmeal for breakfast (who would have though sugary cereal would make me hungry in an hour?! haha) and I love it! I’ll have to give this a try since I’m guilty of relying on instant oatmeal packets :p

    • I actually only recently started eating oatmeal too! I was on a scrambled egg kick for a very long time! But I bought a bunch of the instant Quaker ones as well. I’ve found that if you make your own it feels like you are getting a bigger serving 😉 Haha I hope you like it!!

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