A Reunion!

The best kind of friends are the ones you meet when you look like this…


And can still hang out with and have an awesome time when you look like this!


Meet my oldest and truest friend, Stefanie!

She is from Rochester, New York.  When we were five, she moved to Pittsburgh.  Her family only lived here for two years but when she moved away, we wrote letters and visited each other every year!  Each summer, I would spend one week in New York and she would spend one week in Pennsylvania.  It was so fun to have a pen pal 🙂  Then we got a little more tech savvy and would instant message each other…then we would text message…and then we made MySpace.  And Facebook.  And Twitter.  And Instagram.  Needless to say, we have kept up with each other pretty well over the years!  This weekend, her parents had tickets to a concert in Pittsburgh, so she tagged along and hung out with me!  We haven’t seen each other since I was a freshman in college and she was a sophomore in college.  In three weeks, she will graduate from Fredonia, a state university in New York.  I can hardly believe how old we are!

Onto our evening! We ate dinner at The Steel Cactus in Shadyside.  It is so fun there & I love Mexican food.  We took advantage of the Happy Hour specials and got some yummy appetizers!

Appetizers: queso & pina salsa.

Appetizer = queso & pina salsa.

 My roommates, Chelsea and Sam, also came to dinner and we had a blast sitting outside and feeling “summer” in the air 🙂  All four of us ordered something different for dinner, too!  I got chicken fajitas, Stef had enchiladas, Chelsea had a cheese quesadilla, and Sam had a burrito.  We really tried out the whole menu!


Lots of fruity flavored drinks!

After dinner, we obviously had to save room for dessert.  We got gelato at a cute little Italian place called Mercurio’s.  It’s a family owned restaurant that also apparently makes really good pizza, but I’ve actually never tried it!  The place was packed last night so it must be just as good as the gelato!

Stef and I decided to come back to my house for the evening.  My family built a new house in a different neighborhood than Stef and I met/grew up in so she was excited to see my new house and visit with my family.  She also finally got to meet the crazy puppy!  We stayed up until almost 3:30 a.m. talking about everything under the sun.  That’s the sign of a true friend — when you can talk and talk for hours after not seeing each other for so long!  Here’s another “then and now” type picture of our sleepover 😉  The top is circa New Years Eve 1996 so we reenacted the picture!

Cutest best friends!

Cutest best friends!

The hilarious part is that we both still sleep with the same “blankies” that we were cuddling with in the top picture!  Today, we met up with her parents in the Southside and our families went to The Cheesecake Factory for lunch before they headed back to New York.  It was a quick visit, but it was definitely worth it.  I missed this girl!


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