Lazy Sunday

Life’s not fair, but you already knew that, now didn’t you? 😉  This was the main idea behind the sermon at church today.  It was the fourth message in a series about truly taking responsibility for your life.  I really enjoyed this message!  The pastor shared the Parable of Talents and explained how God isn’t being “unfair” when He gives us responsibilities or hardships — He is giving us exactly what we can handle.  I think that’s kind of cool because so often we compare our lives to others and think our life is so much harder.  That’s where that whiny “life’s not fair!” exclamation plays a role.  But when you think of all the things that you might think are “unfair” and realize that God gave them specifically to YOU because He knew that only YOU could handle them…well, I think that’s really cool.  He knows us better than we will ever know ourselves!

After church, I went to my aunt’s house and had lunch with my mom and my uncles.  We snacked on fruit, cheese and crackers, and a veggie tray.  That felt like a meal to me, so I hit the gym after that!  If you ever want to get your heart rate up quickly, try this:


This is a superset which means that you do the first strength move immediately followed by the second strength move and then you rest.  Those jump squats are no joke!  I was about done with them after the first 3 but that’s always when you know you’re doing a really good exercise — better sore than sorry!

Before continuing to unpack and reorganize my room, I had something exciting on my agenda. My mom & aunt were going to a store called Peebles in Lower Burrell and they told me it was kind of like Kohl’s.  Now, I love to shop so I didn’t really need any convincing in order to go with them, but knowing that it was like Kohl’s (where I always find something good!) I knew I had to go!  The store is about 20 minutes away which is no big deal, but recently, I have been getting really bad headaches and nausea when I ride in my aunt’s car.  Isn’t that weird?!  It’s an annoying occurrence that I hope disappears ASAP!  Luckily, I quickly forgot my upset stomach when I purchased this:


This SUPER cute and SUPER color coordinated and SUPER on sale Nike outfit.  Guess what I will be rocking on Sunday as I run the Pittsburgh Half?  Yay for new racing clothes!  Of course I will wear it one day this week to make sure it is comfortable and in perfect condition for my big day. 😉  I can HARDLY believe that next Sunday at this time the race I have been waiting for…for I don’t know, EVER…will already be over!  I swear time is just flying by.  I must be having fun.  (I’m so punny.  You can laugh now. 🙂 )

One last thing that I have been laughing at all day:


Meet Lacy.  She’s a six year old schnauzer that I swear I thought was stuffed when I met her this afternoon!  She is my mom’s cousin’s dog and I think I snapchatted her to all of my friends.  Seriously so funny looking!


– Have you heard anything that’s really made you think recently?!

– Favorite leg exercises?

– Best thing you have purchased lately?

– Any dog lovers out there!?

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