Cheers to the Weekend!

It’s been a busy weekend!  But I have had a lot of fun 🙂  On Friday, I went to the Pirate game with my friends from school.  We played the Nationals and we won 3-1!  I’m not the biggest baseball fan but I love spending time in the city when it’s warm and eating delicious stadium food 🙂

The view from our seats!

The view from our seats!

Being silly in our sunglasses. :)

Being silly in our sunglasses. 🙂

On Saturday, I attended one of my favorite fitness classes in the world!  Kam Niskach is a fitness instructor and health coach who started her own business called Kam Jamz Fitness.  She teaches SUPER fun hip hop cardio classes.  It’s like a big dance party but it’s hard work!  She is a fan of Insanity so sometimes there are trickier moves added in to the dances 😉  Most of the steps are simple and repetitive so you catch on really easily!  She teaches regular 1 hour classes every week at two different locations.  However, every month, she likes to plan a 2 hour “special” and yesterday was one of those days.  The event was at Amerifit Fitness Club in Greentree.  I was the lucky winner of the raffle…

Free for meeee!

Free for meeee!

Usually, at the start of every special event, you get a raffle ticket.  At the end, Kam will give out a tshirt or a free class pass or another prize of her choosing.  Yesterday, she said, “Forget the raffle!”  I was kind of sad because I never win things!  But then she said, “Today, I’m giving the free class to KYLIE because she’s here today working it out and she’s running the Pittsburgh Half Marathon tomorrow!”  About halfway through class, she asked everyone if anyone was running and I was the only one who raised my hand!  I was very excited to be recognized by her!  Tomorrow I will post a full recap of the half marathon.  Spoiler alert:  it was my first one. 😉


– Runners:  how do you like to cross train?

– Did anyone race this weekend?!




3 thoughts on “Cheers to the Weekend!

  1. How cool that you got the free pass! I can’t wait to hear about your race. I loved the pictures on FB! Maybe one day we can run the same half together! I know of one in September 😉

      • I actually heard that the Rock N Roll Half got cancelled in Pittsburgh… how weird is that?! And yes, the one in September is the Montour Trail Half… it’s nice and FLAT!

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