Dumb Blonde (Or Just Forgetful)

Isn’t there some kind of saying that bad things happen in threes?  If that’s the case, I am incredibly thankful.  For some reason, I keep losing very important items.  These items include my apartment keys.  And my wallet.  And my iPhone.  Oh boy.

This ecard was made for me.

This ecard was made for me.

Last Saturday night, my mom and I planned to stay at my apartment downtown so that our early wake up call on Sunday for the marathon wouldn’t be quite so early. 😉  Good planning on our part.  However, after a hectic day of communion luncheons, 2 hour hip hop classes, the Health and Wellness Expo, dinner at Bahama Breeze, and other random shopping excursions, we found ourselves getting back to my apartment at 9:45 p.m.  By this time, I could picture one thing:  my head on the pillow.  5:30 a.m. wake up calls are no joke!  As we carried in our many bags and appeared homeless, I realized my keys were “lost”.  They were detached from my car keys because I hadn’t been using them every day since I was home…it’s never a good idea to separate my belongings.  Note to self.  The front desk was no help and I had no desire to drive back to Plum to look for them.  Lucky for me, they were under the passenger seat of my mom’s car on Duquesne’s campus.  Thank you St. Anthony!



This Friday, I went shopping at my favorite store in all the land.  You just can’t go wrong with a trip to Target. 🙂  I bought a few t shirts and super cute shorts to wear as a bathing suit cover up!  I also bought some Mother’s Day gifts from my brothers and I.  And then I checked out.  And then I went and sat on the end of a closed lane to wait for my mom.  And then we loaded the car and left.  The rest of the evening included packing up my mom’s friend’s kitchen and picking my brother up at his friends house.  Only once I returned home did I realize my WALLET was missing.  Which means my license, school ID, two debit cards, health insurance card, and $60 were on the loose somewhere.  Oh.  This ensued in turning our shopping bags inside out and upside down, thoroughly searching the car, and going to sleep defeated.

“Little Jesus lost and found, help me look around and round and FIND MY WALLET!”

When I woke up this morning, I called Target.  The super helpful man at customer service said nothing was turned in and that was the extent of his search.

Hi!  Dude!  Over here!  Girl with a missing wallet!  Basically lost my whole life!  Here are some ideas for you:  look at the registers!  Call the cashiers!  LOOK OUT THE FRONT DOOR ON THE GROUND!

Obviously I ended up driving to the store.  It wasn’t in the car or in any of the other locations I was at last night.  Once at Target, we found a nice lady at customer service.  She was very helpful.  She’s my new favorite associate. She called people!  She asked questions!  She used keys to open locked cabinets!  What a gal.  At this point, my mom was ready to pull apart all 75 carts in the front of the store.  Then I met my favorite man in the world.

He just so happened to get a cart.  He just so happened to go over to Starbucks in Target.  The barista just so happened to see a wallet in his cart.  IT WAS MINE!

Reunited with my little baby wallet.

*Insert hallelujah choruses here.*

I might have screamed, run across the store, jumped into this man’s arms, and offered him the $60 in my wallet.  But we don’t have to go into details. 😉

Today I thought it would be a good idea to take my purse with me everywhere I went!  It’s a crossbody bag so it keeps my hands free but all my belongings have a home.  Still, I managed to leave my iPhone at Kohl’s.  Somebody buy me superglue.  It’s obviously necessary at this point.  I immediately drove back to the store and retraced my steps all over the store which also happened to lead me to customer service.  With the quick opening of a drawer, me and 13.1 were reunited.

Hi beautiful.

Hi beautiful.

Keys, wallet, iPhone.  One, two, three.  St. Anthony, Little Jesus, and many strokes of good luck.  It should all be over, right!?  Let us hope.  At this rate, the next thing I’ll lose is my mind. 😉

A sad reality:  my forgetfulness is now affecting my mother.

Just as blonde as me.

Just as blonde as me.


– Are you forgetful?  Or are you organized?

– What is the last thing you misplaced?


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