Foodie Friday

I was quite busy in the kitchen this week!  One of my many New Year’s resolutions was to cook all the recipes in a cook book…but I might have to revise that to “make all the recipes on my Pin board” because Pinterest has been my inspiration as of late.  There are just so many interesting and creative ideas!


was Mother’s Day.  Since my mom is an early riser, it would have been easy for ME to make her breakfast, but my brothers aren’t so easily roused out of bed.  By the time they woke up, she had 2 hours of her day done so…I decided I would make THEM breakfast so she did not have to cook. 🙂 Work with what I got.  My brothers love eggs and bacon.  I like eggs…bacon, not so much.  I’ve never tried it, but it just seems so greasy!  It’s not on my “to try” list anytime soon.  But I made these cute little bacon & egg toast cups for them!

Before & after!

Before & after!




I ate watermelon with a spoon. It was the best thing I did all day.


Crab cake!

Crab cake!

My mom, my aunt, and I decided to try a little Italian restaurant in our town called Buon Cibo.  It has been in Plum for a few years, but we had never been there before!  I have just recently started eating different kinds of seafood so I was a bit apprehensive to try the crab that we ordered as an appetizer.  My mom and my aunt raved about the dish so I knew I had to give it a try!  I wasn’t disappointed. 😉



You don’t play with your food?

I had an early morning because I had to babysit on Wednesday!  This is the amazing cake that my professor made for his son’s elementary school’s Reading Night.  The body of the dinosaur is made of vanilla cake and the claws are made of homemade Rice Krispy treats!  I thought it was so creative.  It took everything I had not to eat one of the claws.  I love Rice Krispy treats!  My favorite lunch is a salad with turkey and that’s exactly what I made:


A little bit of everything.


Today was a day for a new recipe!  I made an oatmeal bake called the Peanut Butter Belly Buster.  It kept me full all the way through lunch!  In fact, I only had a yogurt and some granola because I wasn’t too hungry.


LOTS of cinnamon!

This recipe made 6 servings so I cut it in half because I was just making breakfast for myself.  That meant I had to cut the ingredients in half as I read them…which is very difficult to do especially when you’re getting the ingredients out as you make them…so I added a teaspoon more cinnamon than I should’ve for the 3 serving version.  Whoops! 😉  It was still very tasty!  Ingredients included oats, milk, water, cinnamon, peanut butter, and an egg.  It only took 20 minutes to bake and I had the leftovers for breakfast today!

It’s Friday and I’m excited for my menu today!  I am planning on making a Chicken Cream Cheese Chili that I found via Hungry Runner Girl.  I’m excited to try this soup even though the weather is finally starting to get warmer!

One more thing before your eyes are free of all my food:

I am a recent addict of flavored coffee.  Examples:  caramel, caramel vanilla, vanilla biscotti, macadamia cookie…you can see how crazy I am 😉  There isn’t enough room on the K-Cup carousal in my kitchen for all my delicious flavors of coffee!  Then, something amazing happened.  Yesterday on Instagram, I saw Shay at Mix and Match Mama post this beautiful image:



I AM OFFICIALLY ON THE LOOKOUT!  And if you find this creamer before I do, you better buy it and send me a full review.

Happy Weekend!


Have you tried any new recipes lately?

– How do you drink your coffee?


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