Weekend Recap

This weekend was full of fun events. 🙂

On Friday I went to the mall with my friend Julie.  I lost my very favorite pair of jean shorts from American Eagle and I was determined to walk into that store and buy the exact same pair!  I was very disappointed in everything that I tried on.  I ended up buying two shirts because obviously I don’t already have enough of those.

We finished the evening by stopping at Coldstone Creamery.  Y-U-M.  I got the banana bread batter ice cream with peanuts.  It was too good for my brain to remember to take a picture.

You're welcome.

You’re welcome.

On Saturday the retail world redeemed itself and I found three pairs of shorts that I absolutely LOVE.  My American Eagle fail was quickly forgotten.  Saturday was particularly exciting because my friend Johna and I bought “megatickets” this summer.  That means we have tickets to eight country concerts from May to September!  We were going to see Tim McGraw at First Niagara Pavilion.  First, we ate dinner at TGI Friday’s.  We intentionally didn’t order appetizers because we wanted to order dessert.  That basically explains our friendship. 😉

Peanut butter pie :)

Peanut butter pie 🙂

She ordered the salted caramel cake and I ordered this delectable peanut butter treat.  When I realized her dessert came with ice cream and mine didn’t, I almost cried.  The waiter saved my life and brought me some vanilla ice cream too.  Priorities, people!

In our best redneck attire. ;)

In our best redneck attire. 😉

Lawn seat view!

Lawn seat view!

We woke up BRIGHT and EARLY for The City Spree in Bakery Square.  Because everyone that goes to a concert on Saturday night plans to wake up on Sunday morning and run 6.1 miles.

Sleepy eyes.

Sleepy eyes.

We look ready to kick some butt, don’t we?!  This was the first year that The City Spree was organized and I was very impressed!  We all received our bibs and chips for our shoes along with a map of the different checkpoints.

It's like hide and go seek!

It’s like hide and go seek!

All of those colorful specks that you see were worth different point values.  Blue ranged from 100-76 points, pink ranged from 75-51 points, yellow ranged from 50-26 points, and red ranged from 25 to 1 point.  The first few people to get to the checkpoint received the full amount of points and then it began decreasing by 5 points every few stickers after that.  At the 100 point stations, I got a 95 point sticker and a 90 sticker so I was pretty happy about that!

There was a race volunteer in a red shirt at every station with the stickers to add to our maps.  They were sneaky, though!  At the first checkpoint we ran to, we ran right past the guy!  Part of the road was closed off due to a detour and he was sneakily right next to the sign.  The next checkpoint looked like it was at the end of Walnut Street so when we saw a red shirted person sitting on a bench, we were really excited.  Then, as we stopped to look before crossing the street, we saw the checkpoint right next to us!  Hiding yet again. 😉  The checkpoint at the top of these stairs was the most creative, though!

Really, though? You're all the way up here?

Really, though? You’re all the way up here?

I felt like Rocky running up those stairs!

We ended up covering 8.5 miles and earned 526 points.  Everyone was able to earn an extra 10 points if they took a 10 second video of themselves running.  They are hilarious to watch!  After the race, Jimmy Johns provided sandwiches and Turner’s Tea provided drinks.  It was the perfect lunch while we waited for the results to be tallied!  The man who came in first place had 900 points.  He was much older than us too.  What a beast!

Best friends!

Post race!

After a weekend full of fun activities, it finally feels like summer.  Yay! 🙂


– What’s the last article of clothing you own that “disappeared”?

My favorite American Eagle jean shorts. 😦

– Do you like country music?

– How far did you run this weekend?




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