Pardon My Streaking ;)


I am super excited to have a goal for running right now.  After running in the Pittsburgh Half Marathon at the beginning of May, I felt really burned out.  I was still staying active by Spinning, lifting, and taking hip hop cardio classes, but I have to admit I was doing something that I dislike…I was jogging.

Jogging is for many people but it is not for me.  I like to push myself — that’s part of the fun of running for me!  So when I set out on an easy run, I am still working hard.  These “jogs” that I was going on post-half marathon left me feeling sluggish and not too motivated.  My legs felt like absolute lead!  I’m not even going to tell you that I was running shorter distances…I was bopping around.  1-2 miles max.  But then I realized that I was okay with that because I was recovering.  I had been in training and “push-push-push” mode for so many months that it felt good to wake up in the morning and not feel like I had to run.

With that being said, I plan to run again.  That is the number one question that people ask me!  “Oh, you ran a half marathon?  When are you running your next race?”  I would like to run in the fall…distance TBD.

For now, I challenge you to join me (and the rest of the running community) in a run streak.  Sponsored by Runner’s World, the run streak is a way to commit or RE-commit to your running goals.  From now until July 4th, you and I will pledge to run at least 1 mile per day.  It’s the perfect distance to get started with if you are beginner runner or fit in on a day when you’re just too busy to work out!  Connect with other “streakers” on Twitter using the hashtag #RWRunStreak.  Happy running! 🙂


Day 1 – Monday, May 27 – 2 mile barefoot run on the beach in Atlantic City!

Day 2 – Tuesday, May 28 – 1 mile run with my puppy, Colby!

Day 3 – Wednesday, May 29 – 4 mile run around my neighborhood.

Get moving!

Get moving!


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