What’s Been Happening?

Life lately has been pretty relaxed since I returned from my long weekend away in Atlantic City.  I start my summer job as a camp counselor at the YMCA this Monday and I cannot wait!  It will be nice to have a busier schedule. 😉

Some recent life occurrences:

My brother opened his gift from our trip to Atlantic City…the world’s largest Snickers bar!  It weighed 1 pound but it felt much heavier while we carried it around after we bought it.


A one inch slice is 230 calories. Wrap your mind around that.

He was super excited to share it with his friends.  It actually took quite a bit of effort to slice the candy bar up!  Later that evening, I met my roommate, Chelsea, at Mad Mex in Shadyside so that we could celebrate her 21st birthday. 🙂 It was a fun belated celebration.


Cutting the cake!

I bought her a Peach Melba cake from Oakmont Bakery and even though I had never tried the cake, I knew it was going to be delicious just because it was from the best bakery in town!  It was two layers of vanilla cake with REAL peaches and raspberries inside.  Of course, chocolate had to be included somewhere…so there are white chocolate flakes in the icing. 😉


Drinking fruity drinks!

We continued the celebration by meeting up with some friends in Southside.  It was a fun night!

On Saturday, I had another fun evening on the agenda.  It was the second country concert of the summer!  I met up with Johna for dinner at Chipotle.  Lots of Mexican food in my life last week!  It was a good life decision. 😉  Then, we headed out to First Niagara Pavilion to see Lee Brice, Chris Young, and Brad Paisley.


Super patriotic outfits!

This time around, we knew a few other friends attending the concert so it was fun to run around all evening and meet up with different people that we knew!


Tailgating before the concert! 🙂

We weren’t sure what this concert would be like because the set list seemed to include a bunch of slower songs.  Johna decided that if we told ourselves we weren’t going to have fun that it would turn out to be a great time.

It was a great time. 🙂

We have lawn seats and last time, we sat pretty far up in the field.  This time, we sat closer to the seats and I really liked our location!  The lawn is big enough for nearly 16,000 people and by the time night falls, you are surrounded by people.  You have to claim your spot!  Even then, you have to be friendly with the people sitting near you.  There was a beach ball being tossed around that people were signing with a permanent marker.  I kept wondering who would end up with it at the end of the night!

Brad Paisley was a really fun performer.  Not only did he sound the same in person (this is really important to me when I see someone perform live), but he interacted with the audience.  Some highlights:

1.  He played the beginning of a song on his acoustic guitar and then gave it to someone near the stage!

2.  Someone holding up their phone camera was lucky enough to have Brad reach down, borrow the phone, and say, “Let’s make a video!” He sang into the person’s phone and then gave it back.  That’s way better than the videos I took!

3.  There was a small platform set up near the back of the seating area which is near where the lawn begins.  He performed a few songs here so that he could see everyone in the audience!

4.  A six year old boy named Avery is an AMAZING drum player.  He performed a song with Brad on Good Morning America.  The boy is from Pennsylvania and Brad promised Avery that when he had his concert here, Avery could join him on stage for a song.  IT WAS SO IMPRESSIVE!

Check out the drummer prodigy here. 🙂

Speaking of prodigies…I was dressed in my Color Me Rad tshirt all day on Sunday.  My brother subconsciously wanted to be as stylish as me and when he finally got dressed, he came downstairs in this…



I was a little too excited about our matching-ness.  A word, go look it up.  The second thing that made me really happy on Sunday was that I finally found and purchased PB2.  It doesn’t taste exactly like Jif (obviously) but it tastes like peanut butter and I love it.


I also loved this peach mango smoothie, taking Zumba, doing 2 miles of speed work, watching the season finale of Revenge, and eating white pizza for dinner.  Sunday was a good day.

And because I am constantly thinking about food, I must show you my latest adventure in the kitchen.  I thought it was going to be much harder to cook/bake more a la my New Years Resolutions, but I am not having any problem at all!  I could probably share one new recipe that I have tried per day but I will spare you the pleasure of seeing/reading about all of my meals. 😉

Breakfast today = apple cinnamon oatmeal pancakes with caramel syrup.  Filling & delicious!


Apple cinnamon oatmeal pancakes w/ caramel syrup!

Today, I am a substitute Spinning instructor at LA Fitness in Monroeville.  I see another peach mango smoothie post workout in my future…


– What’s your favorite kind of food?

I’m obviously partial to Mexican…and every recipe I find on Pinterest.

-What was the last concert you went to?

-Where do you work out?

Duquesne Power Center, LA Fitness, YMCA, and Amerifit.  I think I can find somewhere to work out, don’t you?


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