My family loves to ride bikes.  Jake, my youngest brother, recently decided to purchase a mountain bike instead of the BMX bike he had been riding around.  BMX bikes are small and used more for tricks.  He wanted something more comfortable to ride around on in different kinds of terrain!

Since I go to school in the city, I’ve explored many of the trails running and hiking with friends.  Last spring, I took Jake biking and we had so much fun.


BMX bike!


Southside pedestrian bridge!

You know how you do things that are really fun and you talk about them for weeks but then you never actually do them again?  The mere thought sounds crazy but I find myself doing that pretty often.  For as much as we love to ride bikes, we never made it back to the city or any other trails last summer!  That all changed yesterday. 🙂

Quick sidenote:

I’m a Spinning instructor.  So when we pedal uphill, I tell my students to have enough tension on their bike to hold up their body weight so they can pedal comfortably.  This is true in real life.

I didn’t realize how many things about Spinning applied to biking outdoors!  I guess that would only make sense, but since I’m not an avid outdoor rider, it was fun to apply my knowledge.

*Spinning nerd alert over! :)*

We parked near Southside Riverfront Park near the 10th street bridge.  Jake unloaded his new bike from my Jeep and while he rode, I ran across the bridge and down the Eliza Furnace Trail to the First Avenue Bike Shop.  I needed to pick out my wheels!  I chose a hybrid bike because I’m no mountain biker and we didn’t plan on riding anywhere too crazy…hold that thought.

We rode the Eliza Furnace Trail from First Avenue past the Hot Metal Bridge all the way to the end where we came to a Y.  I was prepared to turn around and pedal back towards Southside and the Hot Metal Bridge, but Jake spotted a sign with a bike on it.  I refuse to do silly things like look at maps because what fun is that?  So we decided to follow his “sign” and it led us into Oakland.  FYI, I later learned it was the Panther Hollow Trail 😉

Jake played soccer here!

Jake played soccer here!

It was a nice wide trail that ended up spitting us out on Spring Way in Oakland.  I started to recognize my surroundings and I wanted to surprise Jake, so I made him take a quick left and we headed up a HUGE hill.   The reward at the top was pretty worth it, in my opinion!

YUM :)


Razzy Fresh!

Jake was determined to ride on the roads.  Apparently, biking back the same way we came was just not an option for him.  I felt like a “fun sucker” at times because I was looking out for him so much, but Oakland has some busy streets!  Three lanes of traffic and a bus lane are no joke.  We decided to go to Schenley Park and we found the COOLEST trail in the woods.  Jake noticed it from above and it became our mission to find it!

I spy a cool trail!

Remember how I said we didn’t plan on riding anywhere too crazy…well, we’re here.  Once we found the path, it was a steep downhill.  Since I rented my bike and it has obviously been used many times before, the tires didn’t have much tread.  Jake parked his bike and rode down some of the “scarier” hills for me while I hiked. 😉

Running up to get my bike!

Running up to get my bike!

He also found a really fun yet narrow path, but it was too rocky for my bike and I had to move up to the normal people trail above.  Oh, well!


Carrying bikes over streams like it’s his job.


The cool trail 🙂

This little trail in the woods ended up bringing us back to the Panther Hollow Trail!  What luck.  We then pedaled back to my car and put Jake’s bike away.  He rode my rental back to the shop and I followed him in the car.  We were exhausted!


Fun day 🙂

If I had to estimate, I would say we rode at least 12 miles yesterday.  It didn’t feel that far but we were definitely tired when the day was done!  I loved the trails so much that we will absolutely make this a priority this summer.  I can’t wait to take Colby to the Schenley Park even just to walk!


2 thoughts on “Explorers

  1. Looking at maps? Definitely for weenies haha. I am so with you on that. If my boyfriend and I ride on trials he’s always like “hey! Let’s check out this map!” and I’m like “peace out, I’m riding!”

    I like your spinning nerd alert 🙂

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