Fun Run!

As you may remember, I am participating in the Runner’s World Run Streak which began on Memorial Day and lasts until the Fourth of July.  It challenges runners of all abilities to run at least 1 mile each day!  I have been keeping track of my progress and over the last 14 days, I have run 40 miles.

That is a hard number for me to swallow because last summer/fall, I was running about 50-55 miles per week.  Since this challenge calls for runners to get out the door every day and I also teach Spinning classes, I don’t want to wear myself out.  I have run 1 mile on more days than I would like to admit; however, I think it will keep me from over-doing it and hurting myself.  It might not be fast, but it gets the job done.  Sometimes that one mile jog is just enough. 🙂

Today is my Uncle Ron’s birthday so we celebrated at my Aunt Elaine’s house this morning with fresh fruit, angel food cake, tuna salad, and strawberry cupcakes.  It was quite the random spread but it was a delicious breakfast/lunch!  My aunt made him a really beautiful picture collage of him and his family and my mom bought him clothes and a new healthy snack.  I love watching people open presents!

My mom and I hurried home to wake my brother and my dad.  My brother and I signed up to run the 5K called Color Me Rad!

Last summer: Color Me Rad!

Last summer: Color Me Rad!

It was held at First Niagara Pavilion and our start time was…1 P.M.  Isn’t that crazy?!  We ran last year with some of my friends from school and it was the first year the race was held in Pittsburgh.  It was originally supposed to be held on the North Shore and then so many people signed up that they had to move locations to Washington County Fairgrounds.  Problems still ensued as there was terrible traffic and many people either arrived late or turned around to drive home and didn’t get to run!  It was much more organized this year, hence the 1 P.M. start time.  There were at least 7 start times this year beginning early in the morning!

Start line craziness!

Start line craziness!

Everyone had so much energy and the race directors were absolutely hysterical.  They were so entertaining at the start line and at each of the color stations located throughout the course.  There were five stations where runners were “bombed” with color!  This race is particularly fun because there are people of all ages and athletic abilities that participate.  They recommended that walkers stay on the left and runners stay on the right; however, as a runner I was weaving in and out of people the whole time!  My favorite part was seeing parents with their young children.  That will be me and my family one day 😉


So colorful!

There was one thing that happened that was my most favorite of all…Jake ran the entire 3.1 miles.  He is not a runner by any means even though he is an athlete (football & track) but I was SO proud of him for pushing through!  He found a few people in front of us that were close to us at the start line and became determined not to lose sight of them.  We finished in about 27 minutes but with the rocky terrain of the parking lot, several hills, and lots of paint, I’d chalk up Jake’s first running 5K as a success! 🙂

The rest of the day was spent eating delicious Cream Cheese Chicken Chili and reading the end of a great mystery book on my iPad.  I officially start my online summer class (Anthropology) and summer gig as a camp counselor at the YMCA tomorrow and I am super excited!


– Tell me something fun about your last run!



One thought on “Fun Run!

  1. I agree that it’s definitely tough to balance teaching spinning and running. I always, always, always worry that I am going to overdo it/get tired/hate both/get injured haha.


    I love the pictures from the color run! My favorite is the last one 🙂

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