2014 In One Word

I love resolutions.  I love them on January 1, I love them on Mondays, I love them on that random Tuesday in July when I decide I want to make a change.  Resolutions scream opportunity and opportunity is exciting.  My resolutions last year were kind of like a check list and I am very happy with the goals I was able to check off.  I already have another checklist for 2014.  However, I recently heard about My One Word and it challenges you to focus on one word that will inspire you all year.

For me, that word is peace.


When I think of the word peace, I am not thinking about escaping chaos.  The reason this word stuck out to me so much is that I want to find peace within myself.  I am the kind of person who wants to make good decisions and make others happy.  They are wonderful qualities to have but I know they inhibit me when change occurs because I start to overanalyze everything.  I worry that I won’t make the right decision and I worry how people will perceive me.  I think and think and think because if I make all the “right” decisions, then I will be totally and completely happy and so will the people around me.


I love this quote.

Life is still happening while I’m worrying.  I need to see the blessings behind the decisions and changes I am faced with.  They should make me smile, not worry.

In 2014, I will find peace.

Within myself and with my decisions.  I make good decisions (most of the time 😉 ).

I will do things that make me happy when I am feeling particularly all over the place.  I will talk to my family.  I will run.  I will set my phone down and read a book.  I will spend time with people who make me laugh.  I will cook and write and shop and go to the beach.

And while I’m having all that fun, I will be finding peace.

Here I come, 2014!


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