This week has been anything but typical.  After my first day of student teaching and a snow day, I returned Wednesday to a two hour delay.  And my supervisor was coming to visit.  And there was a faculty meeting.  And my students had to specials — library and art.  Today, I had a seminar at Duquesne, so I missed a full day with the kiddos.  TOMORROW…is an early day.  End of the 9 weeks.  The students will leave at 1:30 p.m.

Craving some normalcy next school week!

Now for some fun from Olive To Run 🙂

I love… Thursdays.

I hate… that the only exercise low-impact enough for me to do without hurting my hip is the elliptical 😦 I MISS MY RUNNING SHOES! To actually run in, of course…

I want… to like strength training. I really do not. #snoozefest

I need… to learn to appreciate opportunities that are given to me — even when I think they are a complete bore.  There is something to be learned everywhere!

I feel… like I have no idea what is coming this semester. And I don’t. But that’s okay!

I think… about everything. All the time. I need to be more in the moment!

I wish… I had a sense of smell! I need Vitamin C in an IV.

I listen… to music more than I watch TV. Even though Scandal has recently stolen my attention.

I say… that I will go to sleep at 10 p.m. but that never ever happens!

I appreciate… this week: THE HEATER!

I take for granted… the number of hours in a day. There are never enough. But there are and I need to manage my time better!

I know… a lazy day at home is the best way to spend the day.

I want to learn… how to be a stronger runner!


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