Friday Favorites

Thursday is my favorite day of the week because it’s always a relaxed but productive day.  You can feel the excitement of Friday and the weekend and it feels so good!

There have been lots of things making me smile this week — here are some of my favorites:

32 oz. of happiness.  I drink water like it’s my job.  Today alone, I drank 4 of these bottles plus whatever else I had with my snack and dinner.  I am a water drinking machine and this Camelback helps me get the job done. 🙂  All jokes aside, my favorite feature of this bottle is the pop top straw.  Push the button, drink from the straw, close it up.  Fighting germs in elementary school, people!


Cheetah flats.  They have studs and they’re comfortable AND they match everything so I’ll call that a win.  Thank you Target.

My new favorite show on Netflix.  It makes me run around my apartment when I’m home alone but I can’t get enough!!!  Scandal is full of drama.

I promise these taste exactly like the delicious almonds you get at festivals in the fall.  They are my favorite thing to pack in my lunch!  Vanilla roasted yum 🙂

Happy weekend!


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