Today was surprising because…

I got to watch the sun rise as I drove to school!


As seen from my desk.

Today was different because…

Instead of just being in charge of lunch count, attendance, rest room breaks, and story time, I am also teaching Spelling.  Monday and Friday have pretty set schedules — I give a pre-test and a real test.  As for Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, I am spending a great deal of time planning for what will end up being approximately 20 minutes of my students’ day.  Luckily I have a wonderful mother who will listen to me talk through different plans and scenarios for 45 minutes on the phone.  Bless her heart.

Today was hilarious because…

A girl in my class started wearing a scarf.  That was the normal part.  I had to hold in my laughter when she tied it around her head like a bandanna and let it hang down to the floor so it dragged when she walked.  Future fashionista, ladies and gentlemen!

Today was exciting because…

After a week of low-impact cardio on the elliptical, I was able to do an hour of hip hop cardio with no pain!  Mountain climbers and power jumps are still not friends of mine so I’m told to hold off the running a little longer.  I don’t want to do too much too soon!

Today was disappointing because…

Sometimes people just aren’t on the same page as you!

Today was relaxing because…

I was showered and in bed reading at 8:30 p.m.

All things aside, I found a little bit of peace today.  Can’t ask for much more than that 🙂



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