Runner’s Rationale

There are many things I’ve noticed since I was last able to run on…oh, what day was it?  That’s right, January 3.  The date will be ingrained in my brain until my feet hit the pavement again.  On New Years Day, I felt an ache or pain in my hip that wasn’t quite right.  Instead of my usual “must carry on” attitude, I ran a few steps farther and then decided to turn myself around and walk home.


This catchphrase does not apply to the injured runner…if we’re talking about continuing to run.  But it does apply to the injured runner who wants to nurse her way back to health. 😉

After my aches and pains, I took a day off.  Then I went to the gym on Friday and did 4 quick treadmill miles.  That was my demise.  The pain I felt after that run was not immediate, but it was different than anything I have ever felt before.  The next day when I was taking an Insanity class, I felt a little burn every time I lifted my left leg.  My hip was not happy with me.  And it continued to be unhappy for about a week.  After talking with a PT, I figured out that most likely a muscle near my hip joint was inflamed and I needed to ice and rest.  Ice I can do, rest not so much.

I figured out that low impact cardio like the elliptical and Spinning felt great, both because they allowed me to move and they didn’t hurt my achy hip.  Now, 10 days later, I am feeling restless.  I want to run.  But I know that I need to keep at this healing process until I am 100% so that this injury doesn’t come back.

Things I have learned in the process of not being able to run:

Everybody else is running.  There are mobs of people on the sidewalk and endless pictures on my Instagram feed.  Hello, dramatic!  Isn’t it so interesting that we want so badly to have the one thing we cannot?!  Such is life.  The February issue of Runner’s World even had me shaking my leg restlessly.  I want to be like all those people in the magazine!

Another symptom:  planning training schedules.  Imagining how fast I will be as I start training for my next half.  All the group runs I will attend.  All the conversations I will have with friends about running.  All the new running gear (like shoes!).

Injuries are hard.  I can do hard things.  Because then I will get to go do more things like this:


Smile and wave like a crazy person because HELLO I am running and I am happy and healthy!

The return to running will be the best day in January.


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