One Word

Last year, as with every other year, I knew there were many things I wanted to accomplish.  Instead of creating a long list of resolutions, I took to choosing a word that I hoped would be evident in every part of my life.


This was my logic: life is chaotic by nature, so I wasn’t seeking an escape from chaos, but I was seeking an inner peace.  I wanted to make decisions from my heart and not worry about what others would think.  Can a New Year’s resolution be –> “be myself”?  Now that I am thinking about it, I feel like that is what I did in 2014.  Ultimately, I hoped to find the best me.  There was SO much goodness that happened in this last year.  I student taught, was accepted to grad school, graduated from college, vacationed with friends, made new friends at my summer job, spent lots of time with family, and moved to a new place for school.  With all of that good comes some bad, but I think because I was trying to accept myself as I was, that handling the trials and tribulations became a bit easier.

2014: Peace.

2015: Presence.


I can tell you many things that I love: my family, my friends, my dogs, my jobs, my homes, my church, my running group.  In 2015, I want to be present.  I have so many wonderful opportunities in my life but I feel like sometimes it is easy to take for granted what you have and breeze through what you are doing.  I want to be a better listener, have more meaningful conversations, and find happiness in the little things.  A big part of being present, for me, will be to put my phone down.  Keep it in my bag, put it in another room, whatever works in the situation.  I want to soak up every moment of where I am…from running to working to standing in line at the grocery store. I am meant to be where I am for a reason!  I want to look around and appreciate that!

One word…presence…one year…2015…many chances to get it right. 🙂

6 thoughts on “One Word

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