My Fitness Identity

If you and I were to have a conversation about working out and you asked me what I like to do, I would most likely say, “I’m a runner. And I teach Spin and PiYo.”


I love to run because I don’t have to think. I just go. I relieve stress, solve problems, and think creatively when I run. I also look for cars and other people to make sure I don’t trip and fall. 😉  But one of the best parts of running is talking about running with other like minded people.  I love to run with friends, run with a group, and sign up for races.

I am thinking about my “life” as a runner and I realize that running comes in and out of my life even though it is always my most favorite workout. Here is what I’ve come to know about myself. After a race, I am just burned out. I envy the runners who race and are talking about lacing up their running shoes one and two days later. I am all about the recovery and all about every workout that has nothing to do with running.

Note: the above statement makes me feel like a “fake” runner.  Professional runners have an offseason…possibly I need to look at it like that. 😉


In 2015, I want to find balance. I am not so good at balance in regards to working out. I’m pretty all or nothing. Plus, I like a lot of different things so I really do need to choose. And those other workouts that I love do come in handy after a long training cycle when I mentally and physically need a break from running. But if I love to run and I teach Spin and PiYo, do I have time for anything else?

The answer is yes. It needs to be yes. And that yes needs to be dedicated to strength training.

Here is my running brain. Let’s review:

2012: Running is the best. Running is my favorite workout ever. Buy real shoes. Download app to track my distance. Run almost every day. Sign up for my first half marathon. Buy cool clothes. Run my fastest 5k ever.

2013: Look at me! I’m even faster now! Wait, winter is cold. Let’s try a strength training program. Do it at the end of my run. Yeah, that won’t take up any time at all. Run, run, run. The treadmill isn’t so bad. Hey, I have baby muscles! Go strength training program. Thanks, Don’t need you anymore. I have my first half marathon coming up! ALL ABOUT THE RUNNING! Run, run, run. Race 2 half marathons, a 10k, and a ten-miler. RUN ALL THE MILES! LET’S DO A MARATHON NEXT YEAR!

2014: Lol. You need muscles. You quit that game. Now you tore a muscle in your hip. Go to doctor’s appointments, go to physical therapy, get on the elliptical and watch Netflix. LOVE LIFE! Spectate a half marathon. Surprisingly fun time. Sign up for a Hat Trick. Three races in two days, because you’ve run SO much this year! Start training early. Use a beginner’s plan. DON’T get hurt while training. Run 3 races successfully (but slower)! SUCCESS!

HOLD THE PHONE! Here’s what I have learned.


“I totally know what I’m doing.”

When I started running, my body either didn’t know what it was doing or it was really nice to me and allowed me to run for a solid year while slacking on strength training. 😉 I started strength training because it was winter and I was cold. Not because I had read 437 articles that told me it was good for me! I just have to shake my head at my past self. When I stopped strength training, nothing really happened to me running-wise. But when I ramped up my miles, holy crap my body got mad.

Dear 2015, I am coming to you with open running and strength training arms. I hope you are good to me.



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