Thoughtful Thursday

This January is a weirddd time for me. Every year after New Years, the holiday slump hits. Finally time to face the music and go back to school! NOW, I still have almost 2 weeks until class starts! It is crazy to me that I don’t have school until January 26. But I’ve been a busy bee. One of my many hats is that of a research assistant so this January we have been doing major planning for what is to come this spring. Some of our planning even included a quick 2 day trip to Boston;) It’s been a whirlwind!

But one of my other hats is that of a health coach and group fitness instructor. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE teaching my classes so I was super excited to get certified to teach a new format called PiYo!


PiYo is inspired by Pilates and Yoga (hence its name) but it feels like no other workout you have ever done before. It’s fast paced, driven by music, and a full body workout! Chalene Johnson jokingly said it’s for hyper people last week on Live with Kelly and Michael 😉

I was drawn to this class because I am a cardio queen (hello running and Spinning) so my body could really use the dynamic stretching that PiYo offers. My coach, Kam, was the Master Trainer at our certification day and I wouldn’t have wanted to learn from anyone else! So now I have been spreading the word about PiYo and pitching the class to a few different gyms which is both exciting and nerve-wracking.

Let’s rewind to when I was talking about school. I think I have always liked school so much because I work really well with structure. I like being told what to do. Give me a set of standards and I will live up to them (or exceed them;)). But it’s funny, because when I teach Spin, there are obviously certain rules I have to follow. There are playlists and workouts planned for me, but I choose to create my own playlists and workouts. And I love it. So I’m still working within a structure, I’m just making it my own. Now I’m teaching PiYo…and the workout is created for me…and so is the music…so I just have to learn it and teach it! Easier said than done.

I am struggling hard with perfectionism while I work on this choreography.


Number 1 fan right here…my golden retriever.

Earlier this week, I was being a perfectionist about my nutrition. As in…I want to be strict with what I eat and sometimes I just want almond milk. Or an extra spoonful of peanut butter. Or something not on my “plan”. But if I want to be healthy for life, I have to let myself have these little things sometimes. Like I posted on Facebook the other day…


Today, I am being a perfectionist about my PiYo choreography.

Here is the thing: I know the choreo. I know the music. I am confident in what I’m doing…but I hate messing up. I want to be perfect. And so when I practice and I do something slightly off, I keep going…because that’s what I would do in my real life class…but I beat the hell out of myself emotionally because I’m not doing it perfect.


I cannot let perfectionism drive me in ANY part of my life. It adds unnecessary stress. Think about all the things in life that stress you out…there are MANY…and being perfect in all aspects of your life should not be one of them. 1. It’s horribly unrealistic and 2. It’s horribly unrealistic. Of course you want to be the best YOU can be…but then, that’s all you can do. It’s perfect if you put forth 100% effort. And truly, none of the things we worry about deserve our worry because we should be focusing on what we can control and leaving our worries to the one who knows us best…our Father.


This is my prayer for myself as I work to overcome my perfectionist ways and my prayer for you in all that you encounter this week. 🙂

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