Thankful Things Thursday

One of my favorite bloggers, Ali, writes about life and Crohn’s and running and zebra leggings and  all things fun over at Ali On The Run. I love all of her posts because she is hilarious and honest, but I particularly love when she writes about things she is thankful for. Big things, little things, funny things, any things! Lots of strict rules for this game;) So today I am jumping on board!

1. I am thankful for indoor tracks.


My friends and I entered the lottery to run the Cherry Blossom 10-miler in April. I’ve been messing around in the running department…aka not really running much at all. I love heart love running but I have been taking a bit of a mental and physical break from the sport. Instead I have been doing lots of strength work and Spinning. But I officially started a new training plan on Monday and even though it only called for 2 miles, after I was done teaching PiYo, the warm indoor track sounded much more appealing than stepping outside! The track at the Eppley Recreation Center is awesome because it’s big, it’s open so I can watch people on the floor below me (hey distractions), no one judges my running selfies, and it’s 1/10th of a mile so I only have to go around 10 times to do a mile. That’s not bad at all!

2. I am thankful for text messages of my dogs.


Colby is obsessed with snow. He was born in November 2012 so I like to attribute his winter birthday to his love of snow. But seriously, he will burrow in the white fluffy stuff and entertain himself outside for HOURS. That golden fur must be pretty warm, because I certainly don’t enjoy spending as much time outside in the winter as he does!

On the other hand…


Amigo looks like a human in this photo. It just makes me laugh! Everyone needs a little bit of happiness in their day and this makes me happy. We are two peas in a pod because I am always cold and so is this little guy!

3. I am thankful for mail!


Friends who send Valentine’s are so sweet. Friends who send gigantic Rice Krispy Valentine’s are simply FABULOUS. Thank you, Julie! 🙂

4. I am thankful for snow.


Look, we have hardly had ANY snow this winter! And in the Maryland/DC/Virginia area, a dusting of snow terrifies people. So on Monday when the forecast showed 7-10 inches, the world shut down around noon. The University of Maryland will occasionally have a 10 AM start if it’s particularly snowy (yeah, right) or cold, but I’ve never seen them close early before! I always joke that everyone freaks out before anything even happens, but it actually snowed on Monday…and then on Tuesday, we were closed:) Snow can be inconvenient and I hate when it looks all slushy and dirty, but the bare trees can be just as ugly! This part of the world needed a little white pretty powder. 🙂

5. I am thankful for Sephora.

Screen Shot 2015-02-18 at 10.35.23 PM

Screen Shot 2015-02-18 at 10.35.44 PM

And motivation to get ready for the day;)

I wear the exact same makeup every single day. Then, last fall, I decided I needed “grown up” makeup. So I went to Ulta and let a makeup artist do my face. Then I bought every product she gave me and I have applied my makeup the same way every day since November. My friend Stef would be absolutely appalled by this. She loves makeup. Hahaha

ANYWAYS! I have the Naked 3 palette and I left it at my friend’s apartment on New Year’s Eve. So I have been using eyeshadow I don’t really like for…what, two months? And this weekend I finally bought the easiest eyeshadow ever. It’s Bobbi Brown’s Long Wear Shadow Stick in Golden Pink. It’s goes on wonderfully (I hate when it gets all over my face) and stays on all day!

My eye liners have been in the same sorry boat as my eyeshadows…that is, none of the ones I like are able to be used…because I use Urban Decay pencils and they need sharpened. So I bought a cheap one from Target and I despise it. I didn’t think I could recognize cheap makeup but apparently I can;) Let it be known that I have two pencil sharpeners, they are both in Pittsburgh, and I didn’t ask my mom to bring either of them when she visited this past weekend. Good. Needless to say, a trip to Sephora was necessary.

6. I am thankful for views like this.


To remind me how lucky I am to be here. That God is good. That the world is pretty. And to remind me (and you!) that whatever you forgot to do today…it’s okay. You still accomplished a lot. And you will accomplish even more after a good night’s rest.

What are you thankful for this week?!


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