Friday Five

Music is my favorite thing ever. I listen to it while I workout, while I study, and while I clean my apartment. I listen to it while I drive and while I walk to class. I love Pandora and Spotify and I am super particular about how I organize my music on my phone! I have three pairs of headphones in three different places just in case opportunity strikes where I need a distraction. It should be noted that I have a very diverse taste in music. When I run, I like to listen to EDM or rap. When I am studying or need background music, I like Florence and the Machine or Lana del Rey. I love country, I love the top 20 radio hits, and I even recently decided I like a cappella. The Pentatonix Pandora station is pretty great!

I download new songs at least once a week. Here’s the latest additions to my library…and keep in mind my eclectic taste;)

1. Never Been In Love – Cobra Starship

If it was summer I would tell you to put your windows down and sing. It’s just a fun song. 🙂

2. I Bet My Life – Imagine Dragons

looove Imagine Dragons. Their new album just came out. I love artists that make albums where I love every single song. That’s what this band does for me!

3. New Romantics – Taylor Swift

Indulge me. Going to her concert in June. CAN’T WAIT!

4. From Finner – Of Monsters and Men

The video is weird. You might say it sounds like a depressing song. But it’s so calming to me. 🙂

5. I Took It With Me – Jason Aldean

From his new album Old Boots, New Dirt. No video because it’s brandy new:)

This one is last (and doesn’t get a number;)) because you might judge me…

Open Wide – Calvin Harris & Big Sean

It should be noted that I like the beat of this song. Not his lyrics. In any way. Hahaha

– What songs have you downloaded recently?

– Are you particular about what you listen to??


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