Patience, Little Grasshopper


And with that, this post is over.

Just kidding. 😉

When I moved to Maryland, it was really important to me to find a church “home”. I wanted to connect with like minded people…hopefully helping me make some friends. Which I have:). National Community Church has become one of my favorite places! I even joined a small group focused on running, eating, and talking about Jesus…


I mean. What could be better?!

Sooo back to patience. We are talking through a series right now called “Elements” and we focus on a different word each week. We’ve talked about love, joy, and peace…this week we talked about patience. I like things that are thought provoking, even if they are random quotes on Pinterest. When I read nonfiction, I’ve started highlighting meaningful sentences. My aunt does this and it used to drive me crazy. I can’t believe I’ve started doing the same thing! But anyways, I like thoughtful things.

What is patience?

Is it waiting nicely in line at the grocery store? Is it keeping your cool when someone cuts you off in traffic? What about keeping calm during a long, drawn out argument? Or even bigger…is it enjoying where you are instead of wishing for the future?

Patience is all of those things. And most of them apply to me. Which I guess is both good and bad…I am apparently impatient…but on the plus side, I am recognizing something I don’t necessarily like about myself, so that means I can fix it.

Do you know what the “when-then” trap is? If you don’t, I bet you’ve been stuck in it before. This is when we start to lose patience.

When I’m done with college, then I’ll be happy.

When I have my dream job, then I’ll be content.

When I get married…when I have kids…when I retire…

When do we stop wishing and start living?

The two things that stuck out most to me are school and love. I absolutely love my jobs and my schoolwork, but I spend a lot of time day dreaming about what my life will be like when I finally have a “real” job. Those day dreams are usually pretty awesome. 😉 I also spend a lot of time thinking about being married and being a mom. Having my dream job, being a wife, and being a mom are three of the most important things to me…but all in God’s time. Patience, little grasshopper. Am I right?! Hahaha


When I think about what I have accomplished thus far (and you should think about all your good stuff too ;)), I remember the end result. You know, having the success, getting the glory, etc etc etc. Then I remember what it took to get there. The journey. Kind of a big deal! We have to reflect and remember that all the good things that have happened to us…have happened to us AFTER a long road. Good things are not instantaneous…and so we must be patient. Besides, if you have a dream (or two or three or nine), God is more concerned with how you get to where you’re going and who you become along the way…not your actual arrival at the destination. Journey over outcome!

So what do we do while we wait? We stop thinking of it as waiting…

And we live. We stop wishing. We start doing.

You can’t possibly get to where you want to be…job, car, new house, new friends, new ANYTHING…without doing things right now. And what you do right now will determine your success in the future. So patience sounds like a conscious choice to live better. And that sounds pretty good to me.


Sooo…what about you?

Are you patient? Or are you a wisher?


And if you’re interested, you can listen to the whole sermon here 🙂

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