What I’ve Been Eating Wednesday III

I have yet to stop enjoying taking pictures of my food. I am proud of myself when I cook a delicious meal. Even when I eat something that requires no preparation, I feel the need to document it. Food is pretty and yummy and worth remembering!


This pretty much sums up my food philosophy. 🙂

Can’t stop won’t stop with the apple cinnamon protein oatmeal. And my images of it still have not improved. Hahaha


My favorite lunch has returned with full force. I told you I don’t eat on a rotation…when I like it, it’s all day every day. 😉


Cauliflower pizza with just a few pieces of pepperoni. I like my protein.


Kept up with the Italian theme…except I don’t think real Italians would pretend French-style green beans are noodles and add sauce and chicken sausage, but who’s telling? P.S. Pesto asiago bread. That’s all I’m saying.


Provisions for class:) All of my classes are at night (such joy) from 4:15 to 7 so I have adapted to that schedule but…I still can never tell if I’m hungry in class or just trying to pass time. On that particular day, I hadn’t eaten much all day so ALL THE SNACKS were necessary. P.S. Smores Quest Bars are the bomb.com.


I have nothing to say. Order it now. #nutbutterlover


On Wednesdays I run + eat with friends. Rachel hosted our run around Capitol Hill this week and she made Moroccan food! I have absolutely no idea what I ate besides salad but it was all delicious and yes I went back for seconds. #runnerproblems


Me and the peanut butter jar have also been in a battle with chocolate chips and a spoon this week. I have some weird taste buds.


Finally…I did not make these or eat these…but I found a recipe on Pinterest last week for dog treats and my mom made them this past weekend for our pups! And actually, we could eat them if we wanted to because they’re made with oats, cinnamon, applesauce, and an egg;) I’m a bit of a health nut so I am just looking out for my fur brothers! Ironically that sounds like the oatmeal I’ve been having for breakfast this week…eek! Find the recipe here.

What have you been eating?!

2 thoughts on “What I’ve Been Eating Wednesday III

    • Haha that ecard speaks the truth!!! I really do like Quest Bars…I know some people have said they’re not worth the hype. The Cookies N Cream, Cookie Dough, and Smores are all worth the hype. I like other flavors (vanilla almond, white chocolate raspberry, apple pie), but the chocolate-y ones definitely taste like a treat! Some people don’t like the texture and so they warm them up in the microwave or oven but I eat them right out of the package!

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