Friday, Friday, Gotta Get Down On Friday

Hands in the air like you just don’t care! It’s Friday and there are nine whole days until I have school responsibilities again! The freedom begins at noon today. I can’t wait! I am going home and it’s going to be a glorious week of relaxing with my family and my dogs.


As usual, I’m linking up with some of my favorite bloggers for Friday Favorites. 🙂 Check out Andrea, Narci, and Erika‘s blogs! They’re such fun ladies.

This week was interesting. It felt hard because we had two snow days at the end of last week so after a four day weekend, it was hard to get back into the swing of things. I can’t believe we were buried under 8 inches of snow just seven days ago because it has been sixty degrees every day this week! No complaints but the end of winter sure brings some craziness. Then there was the countdown until more days off…and there were midterms.


I would love to say that most of last weekend looked like this…but I’m honestly really bad at studying. I love school and I love learning but as an Education major, in both undergrad and grad school, I’ve had to do more project-making and paper-writing than I have actual studying. Sitting down to study for Statistics was not my favorite activity but I actually think I did well!

And I rewarded myself for studying with a little Target time. I deserved it.


And I deserved these. SPRING!


During church, I like to take notes. I write down random ideas and verses that are meaningful…I like stuff like that and so that’s what I do during church. It’s just my thing. But last weekend, I was so distracted during the service. I was hungry, which is a terrible reason for being distracted, but I was looking back at my notes earlier this week and I have no idea what I was writing. Hahaha

Anyways, as I was walking back to my car after church, I walked past a sandwich shop that looked like they had dessert. I figured I would grab a muffin or biscotti or something to hold me over until I got home. When I walked in, I smelled bread. And I forgot about dessert. So I purchased this pesto asiago bread and never looked back. I never eat bread (I just prefer other things) but this was one of my favorite impulse purchases;)


And then my roommate made us chicken sandwiches with peppers and onions and the wonderful bread. What a girl.


The way mail gets delivered around here makes no sense but I finally got my packages in the mail yesterday and I was so excited. Getting mail of any kind is my favorite. Seriously, you can have my address and I’ll be waiting downstairs for your letter. 🙂 I ordered peanut butter and syrup from Amazon because I only spend my money in the wisest of ways.


Speaking of priorities…running has been way up there lately. You know that I love to run, but I’m training right now, so I really have to love it;) I wrote about my struggle of a run the other day and then I was looking back at the pictures I took while I was running and I realized…running really is my favorite and so is this campus.


Because this campus is so big, even if I take the bus, I still have to walk outside at some point. So when it rains, umbrellas are necessary. Everyone keeps saying they prefer rain to snow, but why do they say that? I know snow means cold but rain just bugs me. It is wet and cold and annoying in my humble opinion. 🙂 I had a brief moment of panic this week when I went to get my umbrella because it was missing. I had to use my back up umbrella! (The horror!) The back up umbrella gives into the wind and will occasionally flip inside out while in use. Not helpful when it’s raining. The missing umbrella does its job perfectly which is why it’s my favorite. Not in my apartment, not in my cubicle at The Writing Center, not in my research office, not in the staff lounge at the gym…


But it was at my desk in The Writing Center’s other location at the library:) #win

Luckily by Wednesday night, the rain had disappeared and the sun was shining! On Wednesdays, I meet up with a group of people from my church to run and eat and chat about all the good things in life. We pick a different route and eat at a different restaurant/someone’s house each week so it’s always fun because it’s always changing! The people that I run with are my favorite people ever. I am so lucky that I found a church that I love with people like these!


And Capitol Hill is beautiful.


Two of my favorite stores are honestly TJ Maxx and Marshall’s. I feel like I always find something! My latest find were these coconut macaroons. They are 100 calories and so, so tasty!



I had one with apple cinnamon tea after dinner on Thursday. 🙂

And finally…a confession. Sometimes I am so cranky that I actually annoy myself. Do you ever feel like that? No? Maybe that’s just me. I just know that even though I am feeling stressed or upset, there is another part of my brain telling me to stop being crazy. But sometimes the crazy cannot be stopped. Hahaha
SO, on my way to class, I stopped and got coffee. Because coffee is more appropriate in class than wine. And wine felt like it was needed yesterday. I have no idea why I couldn’t snap out of my funk!


Tall black coffee with one shot of sugar free vanilla and one Splenda. My favorite. And it cheered me right up;)

I love where I live. The sky!!! God is good.


Happiest of Fridays to YOU and I hope your weekend is fabulous!

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