Friday Favorites: Spring Break Edition

Happy First Day of Spring! And Happy FriYAY! But I have been cheering all week because I’m on spring break. 🙂

Today I’m linking up with some of my favorite bloggers — Andrea, Narci, and Erika — to share my Friday Favorites!

My thoughts on the weather in March can be summed up in one photo:IMG_7131

Apparently I go through these emotions every year because this image popped up on my Timehop…


This is essentially a great description of the seasons in Pittsburgh. And the reason why I have an upper respiratory infection right now. Such fun! I do not know why I continue to be surprised about the randomness of the weather. I have only lived in Pittsburgh for 23 years. 🙂 But it was sooo hard to leave 70 degrees in Maryland! And I know, I know, it’s colder in Maryland now because it’s supposed to snow…again…

You people in the South. Just appreciate your lives. 🙂

First on the list this week…I LOVE MAIL! And my dad sent me something last week for St. Patrick’s Day…even though St. Patrick’s Day was this week. Haha
I had to be prepared, apparently! The post office worker obviously thought I needed an ENTIRE roll of tape…


I love mail. It’s my favorite. That’s why blogging is so fun. It’s like having electronic pen pals. 🙂

One of my favorite meals to go out for is brunch. There is (usually) WAY TOO MUCH food but there’s so many different choices and I like trying a little bit of everything, especially when I eat brunch and it’s served buffet style. On Sunday, I went to Farmers Fishers and Bakers in Georgetown with a few friends and it. was. so. good.


Here is an idea of plate #1 😉 Besides the three food bars, your waiter brings a tray of biscuits and cinnamon rolls to your table. There are also traveling trays that make their way around the restaurant with different foods on them. The choices were pizza, sushi, fried shrimp, and some kind of egg…ah! It was on a biscuit and it was called…something that I forget. But one of the girls I was with ate it and it was good. Hahaha


And here is an idea of what I ate for dessert 🙂 I was so full after this meal that I didn’t eat until 8:30 PM. And that is not an easy feat for me on a normal day! Brunch always wins. Always.


I was feeling the need to be out and about on Sunday. It was ridiculously nice outside (if not a little windy and chilly) but I knew that in order to run on Monday, I needed to take it easy still…so, I went for a walk. Let’s all take a moment. I do not walk anywhere ever (except to class). I find the concept of walking ridiculous. Why would you walk somewhere when you could either run or drive?! The horror.


You walk because you can’t run and you need to still see beautiful sights like this. 🙂 It was actually surprisingly relaxing! I didn’t get the dreaded “is this over yet” itch that I sometimes get when I do something that I don’t usually enjoy…I saw lots of families walking with their dogs…I listened to a podcast…and then I froze my tail off. Though the picture looks beautiful (and is beautiful), as soon as you round the bend to the other side of that lake…LOOK OUT. ALL THE WIND. SO LOUD. SO WINDY. SO COLDDD!!! Somehow I survived.

It’s always my favorite to do some relaxing. And I have been loving Grey’s Anatomy lately. So watch Grey’s Anatomy I did.


Can we talk about my favorite purchase ever?!


These Sperry’s spoke to me a month ago and I didn’t buy them. I returned to this store recently to buy a birthday present for my brother and I had to see if they still had my size…because that would be fate. They are SO comfy, they fit perfectly, and I have gotten so many compliments! I love them!

On the fashion front…


…another favorite is wearing outfits that call for lots of wrist candy! My Michael Kors watch is just pretty, my Alex and Ani bracelets remind me of my friends, and my gold heart bracelet reminds me of my lovely friend Molly. Read her blog here! She is the sweetest. 🙂



I love living in a world where it costs less than $30 to fill up my baby Jeep. The end.

I think it is safe to say that one of my aunt’s favorite things to do is get her hair done. I swear she is always getting her hair colored or styled a different way. I, on the other hand, am one of those people who waits until she hates her hair to make a hair appointment. It’s not the best method. Hahaha


My hair was ridiculously long and so I told the hair stylist to do whatever she wanted. I like to look put together hair and makeup wise, but I honestly listen to everything my hair stylist and the ladies at Ulta tell me. Clothes are more my thing! So when she said she was going to do some chopping, I said do your thing. 4 inches!!! I feel so much lighter now!

My mother was very excited that I came home for Spring Break 🙂


Love that lady.

Some other random favorites include watching my brother play volleyball…


…seeing the skyline of my favorite city in all the land…


…spending quality time with my pups…


What’s mine is yours. Or something.


Torturing Colby in the carline while we wait for Jake.

  …drinking out of this coffee mug…


…making a perfect omelette…


…and eating peanut butter chocolate popcorn. Oh my word.


The best thing that’s happening today is that my shiny gold iPhone 6 Plus will be delivered! I’m trying to ignore the fact that it is snowing heavily outside my window right now. 😉 Have a good weekend!!


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