Show N Tell Tuesday: Name Edition

 Happy Tuesday, friends! Today we are talking all about how we got our name. I always love when there is a reason behind a person’s name…it makes that person even more unique!

show and tell

My full name is Kylie Elizabeth and I think I really know all the details behind my name because in my high school AP Psychology class, I had to make a Baby Book about myself. Ha!


I am the oldest of three and my parents decided they didn’t want to know if they were having a boy or a girl, so they made a list of names for both!

Alexander Newton
Kyle Jeffrey


Now that I look at those names, I cannot imagine being called Rebecca (Becky) or Valerie (Val)! My parents settled on “Kylie” for the simple reason that it was unique and they could not agree on many others, even the ones they had listed! It truly is a unique name because for most of my life, I was always the only Kylie around and I was one of those kids who could never find a keychain with her name on it. Ha! I think the name has gotten more popular in recent years, though. Usually when I hear someone say, “Hey Kylie!” and I am out an about, it is a parent calling after their little girl. 🙂 The best story I have about my name is that one summer when we were on vacation at the beach, I was playing with a girl at our hotel’s pool, and her name was Kylie Elizabeth. WHAT?! I know.

My middle name, Elizabeth, is a variation of my great-grandmother’s name, Beatrice. Although now, my mom tells me that she wishes she had picked my middle name after her sister, Elaine. After all, when I am home, I see her almost every day. Her plea of “It’s the same initial and everything!” is not convincing me I need to go about changing my middle name in my 23rd year of life. 😉

On the subject of names…not that I am getting married anytime soon or I am even dating anyone…but I always wonder what my married name will be. Will I be Kylie Elizabeth McGraw fill-in-the-blank? Will I drop McGraw? Will I drop Elizabeth? WHO WILL I BE?! Hahaha

Now I am going to tell you about my cute brothers…


…in 1994, I became a big sister. Again, my parents decided to be surprised, so they were thinking of names for boys and girls. The brother who is closest in age to me is named Alexander Newton. Does that sound familiar?! It was one of the boy names my parents had thought of with me! It is actually a family name, but apparently many years back, this person’s name was Newton Alexander. For some reason, my mom thought her child might be made fun on the playground if his name was Newton. I have no idea why?! We have always called him Alex, never Alexander…and my dad’s nickname for him when he was younger was Newt. He went with it until late elementary school when we were going to one of his basketball games one night and he said, “DAD! Do NOT call me NEWT from the stands! PLEASE!” Poor guy;)


Then, in 1999, Alex and I got a baby brother! I remember my mom being pregnant with Jake much more than I remember her being pregnant with Alex. It’s much easier to remember things at 7 years old than it is to remember things at 3.5 years old! Alex and I were so excited to have a baby in the house. He, of course, wanted a baby brother, and I, of course, wanted a baby sister. Hello, I already had a little brother…I didn’t really think I wanted another one of those. 😉 My mom found out that she was having another boy but my dad didn’t want to know so she kept that secret for five whole months! Because she had to keep up appearances, her and my dad kept thinking of names for boys and girls.

For a girl, they were thinking of the name Delainey…a unique spelling of that name because my grandma’s name is Dolores and my aunt’s name is Elaine. For a boy, they were thinking Jacob or Patrick with the middle name Jeffrey (my dad’s name). My mom was kind of leaning towards Patrick because she was due in March around St. Patrick’s Day…but on March 22, she had a little boy and named him Jacob Jeffrey. 🙂 Jake has always been just Jake, never Jacob…but we were thinking that when he got a little older, we would call him JJ. That didn’t work AT ALL because by the time he was a toddler, he was used to being called Jake and he cried every time we called him JJ. It probably also didn’t help that there was a cartoon on TV at the time named JJ the Jet Plane. Hahaha


So, what is the story behind your name? Does it have a story? What crazy names did your parents think of?!


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