Friday Favorites: End of the Semester Moments

It’s been a good week. I’ve had a constant feeling of thankfulness for where I am and what I am doing in life right now. Thanks be to God for His sense of direction and timing because I sure as heck don’t know what I’m doing. 😉


Time to talk favorites with Andrea, Erika, and Narci! My camera roll is one of the most random things you could ever look at. I take pictures of the STRANGEST things…all to document the silly little everyday things I love. Because that’s what life is all about, right?

– ONE –


The end of the semester is near…and the end of my patience is also near. Ha! All of my assigned readings have been making me roll my eyes so I have been reading while I’m on the bike or elliptical at the gym because then I feel productive! I’m 4/5 for morning workouts this week…morning workouts are my favorite. They make the whole day better! But I have a SoulCycle class with my friend on the agenda for this evening, so the workout will have to wait today!

– TWO –


Some people have the Super Bowl, I have Marathon Monday. I loved watching and tracking some of my favorite bloggers AND some people I know in real life as they ran the Boston Marathon! You know that running is my favorite and I felt like every runner’s number one fan as I live streamed the race. It is such an exciting event and weekend and I so hope I make it there one day!



I “lost” (and then found) my debit card in my bag two weeks ago and my new card FINALLY came in the mail…a favorite moment for sure. But then I went and “lost” something else. My laptop was gone for all of twelve hours and for 11 1/2 of those hours, I didn’t even know it was missing. Can I get an amen for nice people who lock your computer up somewhere safe when you leave it at the gym?! I taught PiYo on Tuesday night and as I talked to people in my class after class, the next instructor came in and got her music set up. I guess hearing her music and talking to people in my class distracted me enough to pack up and leave without the laptop?! Oh my. A laptop is not just something you lose…unless your name is Kylie McGraw. Hello, nice to meet you.

– FOUR –


I went to a fitness fundraiser recently and I took some free samples as I made my way to the different booths there…I love Shakeology for all of its vitamins and its chocolate flavor…and I love peanut butter Quest protein powder because it’s thick and the flavor is AMAZING. So it should come as no surprise that I took a sample of protein called “Chocolate Cookie”. Clearly, dessert in shake form is my fav. 🙂 I only mixed it with water and I really swear it tasted like a cookie!

– FIVE –


Sandal weather is the And so are Michael Kors flip flops that are nice enough to wear to observations for my job;) Mine are old but you can find a similar pair here!

– SIX –


As seen on my run…the sunrise…and also a very angry goose who chased me down this path.


As seen on a walk…pretty flowers in front of a pretty house! I am loving getting outside and enjoying spring.



Favorite moment of the week: being a real DC resident and taking the Metro to the Nationals game on Wednesday night! I am feeling especially proud of myself for finally getting my own Metro card. I have only lived here for eight months…I figured it was time;) I like to drive everywhere just because I love to drive but it is not always the smartest idea in this city because there is traffic all of the time. Like even on Saturday at noon when I’m going to the mall. BUT I LOVE IT ANYWAY!



Activities that remind me of summer and warm weather…like going to baseball games…are definitely my favorite. It makes me so happy! I went to the Nationals vs. Cardinals game last night and I cheered for the Cardinals. In case you forgot, I am from Pittsburgh, not St. Louis. But these girls are Cardinals fans so I had to play along. 🙂


“We” won! The score was 7-5 and it was actually a really good game! I usually lose focus but I actually paid attention;) The wind was not my favorite because it made it feel SO much colder than it actually was! I may or may not have bought hot chocolate just to hold it. Ha! My favorite part of going to this game was seeing how it compared to going to a Pirates game at home. The stadium definitely wasn’t as packed as a Pirate game but the fans were loud and proud of their teams! There were actually a lot of Cardinals fans there last night. But let’s talk about one of my favorite moments at a Pirates game…it’s when the pierogis race around the field:


It’s a Pittsburgh thing. I don’t know. Apparently a lot of us are Polish. I actually am Polish so it makes sense to me. Ha! BUT, here in DC, there are no racing pierogis…


…there are racing Presidents instead. Hahaha! Every city has it’s quirks!

What have been some of your favorite moments this week? Leave a comment below or post on your blog and join the link up!

4 thoughts on “Friday Favorites: End of the Semester Moments

  1. Hahah okay I probably wouldn’t have been able to continue running if a goose was chasing me because i’d be laughing too hard. In fact, i’m actually LOL’ing right this second thinking about that. Also, baseball game and you didn’t invite me? What the heck.

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