What I’ve Been Eating Wednesday IV

What are two items in your kitchen that you cannot live without? If asked, I would probably tell you oats and cheese. Not together, but I need both of those things in my life at all times. 😉 So imagine my surprise when I was cooking breakfast last week and I used the last of the coconut oil and the cinnamon. I actually panicked because I had already gone to the grocery store and “stocked up”…except apparently I didn’t do a great job! Apparently, these are two more items I cannot live without! I never get annoyed when I run out of something that I typically cook with daily…not frustrated, not mad…I think I actually get personally offended. Like, “how dare you run out on me when you have been in the pantry for this long? And you decide to run out now?!


The conversations I have with myself. Order was restored the next day and all was right in my little kitchen world again.

My eats have been very random lately. I am following the 21 Day Fix Extreme nutrition guide and workouts to prep for my annual girls’ trip to the beach for Memorial Day Weekend and I am having great success! Though I have started this program multiple times, I have never truly lasted 21 days. Because let’s be honest: life happens. Cravings happen. And sometimes you just shut up and eat. 😉 In the past, I have been such a perfectionist that one little mistake would completely throw me off kilter. This time around, it’s like falling down on the playground. You just pick yourself up and keep playing.

That analogy doesn’t really make sense. I’m rambling a lot today.



Breakfast on the go! One of my very favorite foods in all the land is cinnamon oatmeal. I seriously get excited to go to sleep at night because I know when I wake up, it’s time to eat oatmeal. Ha! 😉 #imcrazy And of course we have some egg whites thrown in for good measure (and protein).


Ah. Happiness.


The standard. Carbs + protein + veggies. I am going to turn orange with the amount of sweet potatoes I eat!


One version of 21 Day Fix Extreme limits cheese. I ignore this limitation. CHEESE ON SALAD WON’T KILL ME. And i may or may not have purchased a small container of queso. We can’t be sure.


If you have never tried a Quest bar, please go to the Quest website HERE or your local GNC and pick some up. That is a peanut butter chocolate Quest bar but they have so. many. flavors. Like cookies and cream (aka Oreo), chocolate chip cookie dough, Smores…and real people like them. Not just me. I broke one into pieces last week and baked it for a few minutes like cookies. My roommate approved. Full of protein and free of all the ingredients that so many people are allergic to!


Spiralizers are life changing. Instant spagetti noodles made from a zucchini!


With sauce and turkey pepperoni and cheese because DUH. #cheesehead


I follow many fitness related and healthy living blogs and Instagram accounts. I love seeing what other people post about working out and food! I have been reading about and seeing pictures of Arctic Zero ice cream for a hot forever and even with store recommendations, I was having no luck finding it! It’s 35 calories per 1/2 cup serving and though it definitely isn’t as sweet as real ice cream, it certainly helps the cold sweet tooth! I have already polished off the vanilla maple container but I wasn’t blown away by chocolate peanut butter (which is surprising) so I’m working on falling in love with that flavor now. 😉 It’s also gluten free and lactose free if that’s your thing!


Bread is not bad. Bread is not bad. Bread is not bad. My old mindset likes to pop up from time to time but I always try to do the opposite of what I used to do and that seems to help me stay balanced instead of restricting myself. Pesto chicken sandwich with mixed greens for the win! I went to Zest American Bistro after church with friends on Sunday and though we all ordered completely different plates, we all went home and felt like taking a nap! The feeling of a food coma is so real. Worth it for such good food and conversations. 🙂


And my very favorite treat of the week. Spring semester has finally ended and so last night was the last PiYo class until summer session starts! There is one guy who comes to three classes in a row!!! on Tuesday nights. He does BodyPump, PiYo, and then Zumba. He brought cupcakes for all of the instructors last night which was so very sweet! I, of course, love dessert and so this was the best present ever. I have worked at several different gyms in my fitness instructor career from the YMCA to Duquesne University’s Power Center to LA Fitness and the gym at UMD is truly the most awesome place I have ever taught! The people are what makes it so great…both the people I work with and the people in class. It was such a good place to start teaching a new format –> PiYo!

I was intrigued to find that I was satisfied with just a bite of this cupcake. Okay, I had two. But I seriously didn’t want to go to town on it! I really truly believe that when 90% of your diet is made up of nutritious foods, your body stops craving the treats and it can appreciate them in moderation. Don’t send me a bag of chips and a bowl of queso or I will have to retract this statement. 🙂 Still…I think it’s true. The more often you make the decision to eat good food, the more often you will crave healthy food. I stand by that statement because I have seen that change in myself this month!

What have you been eating lately?!


4 thoughts on “What I’ve Been Eating Wednesday IV

    • It’s so hard! I’m glad I’m not the only one 🙂 Ha but I’m doing much better this time! (If you consider chips and queso “yellow” and “blue” hahaha. It was ONE TIME!)

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