Free Cookies & I’m Famous


Can I get an amen?! On one hand, I feel like I got so much accomplished this week, and on the other hand, I feel completely overwhelmed and so glad I have a few days of fun coming up this weekend! How has your week been?! If it’s been good, if it’s been exciting, if it’s been overwhelming…I bet you have a favorite moment. Join me and Erika, Narci, and Andrea as we celebrate our favorites (and the goodness) in our lives!


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IMG_8499I eat a relatively healthy diet, but I can put away the cookies. I don’t buy packages of Oreos because they just sit in my kitchen…but if I go to a bakery or see cookies in the break room at work, LOOK OUT. I’m a cookie monster. Last Sunday after church, my friend Shannon and I went to lunch at Spring Mill Baking Company. We sat and talked for almost 3 hours! So that was a favorite moment too. But I ordered an egg and cheese sandwich for lunch, and when they delivered my bag to the table (we were sitting outside), I found this cookie inside…do they know me or what!?

As we discuss food…or in that case, dessert…this is how I survive a day at work:


All. the. Tupperware. I know you appreciate that this is a picture from Snapchat, too. #bloggerfail

– TWO –

Since we’re talking about #bloggerfails, let’s talk about a #blogwin. The very first blog I remember reading is Janae’s…aka Hungry Runner Girl. She still remains my favorite because she used to be a teacher, she has an adorable daughter, and she is an amazing runner, so I really look up to her a lot! Anyway, she enjoys dessert just as much as I do, and she particularly likes donuts…but not just any donut, she likes apple fritters. Have you ever had an apple fritter? I have NOT! I am a chocolate iced donut or no donut at all kind of girl. Ha! Recently, Janae ran the Seattle Rock N Roll Half Marathon and while she was there, she did some sightseeing and apple fritter eating. So when I was at the grocery store this week, I found myself picking up an apple fritter in the bakery. I JUST WANTED ONE BITE! It was research for knowing exactly what she was talking about. 😉 I emailed her to tell her she inspired me to purchase this because I knew she would be excited about that and GUESS WHAT!?


She posted the picture I sent her with an apple fritter as big as my head on her blog! It made me so happy to be famous. I consider her a celebrity. Haha!



I discovered my love of sparkling water when I tried ICE…but my very favorite is the Market Pantry Peach Mango sold at Target! This is Mango Peach Pineapple (also found at Target) and it’s not as flavorful as the Market Pantry brand! It’s a still a refreshing summer drink if you want to try something new. 🙂

– FOUR –




Sometimes you need to take ten days off from running to stretch, get a massage, REST, and recharge. I tried to do too much a few weeks ago and although it really motivated me, it really caught up with me physically! My body needed a break. My hip is easily irritated when I run consecutive days in a row, and I know this, but I try to be Supergirl sometimes. 😉 Was ten days too long? Maybe, but it was just what I needed. I was still working out…I was just doing different exercises. And now I’m running around campus taking pictures of pretty buildings and rubbing the Terp’s nose for good luck.

– FIVE –

My Facebook status last weekend? “Self control is buying one pair of Lululemon shorts when you really want to buy three.” Let’s discuss: they were all different colors, they were all on sale, and I get a discount because I’m a fitness instructor. HOWEVER, I picked my favorite pair of the three and exercised some self control. Have I been dreaming of the two pairs of shorts I left behind? No! Who would do that?! Not me, no never… #heavysigh #insertsarcasm


The winning pair of shorts that came home with me. 🙂


Pardon my messy desk and this angle and the lighting but OMG THEY HAVE POCKETS! It was also a favorite moment that the rain killed the humidity on Wednesday and it was in the 70s WHICH YES IS COOL ENOUGH FOR LONG SLEEVES! Dear Pittsburgh friends, is it humid there? I’m dying here. Totally different climate! I hate talking about weather, but I am really surprised by how different the weather can feel just four hours away from my hometown!


Another favorite purchase recently? This maxi dress. The white at the top is actually crocheted and it’s so pretty! My mom bought it for me with her casino winnings in Atlantic City. 😉 Thanks Mom! ❤

– What’s your favorite dessert — cookies, cake, or pie?

– What was the first blog you ever read?

14 thoughts on “Free Cookies & I’m Famous

  1. Hahaha I am so glad you felt famous being called out by another blogger. Of course that donut picture is totally blog worthy 😉 are you hooked on apple fritters now!? I am 100% about the raspberry bismarks!

    • Haha she is more legit than me in blogland so that’s why I felt so cool! I can’t say I’m hooked…I did like the flavor though. I want to go to a legit donut place soon. Grocery store doesn’t cut it! I’ve never had a raspberry bismark either ah!

  2. Omg add me on smapchat!!! I’m mollymiddleton
    Also – totally wish I could eat an apple fritter because they are delicious!!!! I think cake has to be my favorite desert. Also did you get a new job? My lunch bag is allllllways full of Tupperware. #lululemonforever

    • YAY JUST ADDED YOU! Now you can see my crazy life haha! And no, I have the same job! I’m a research assistant so lots of times I can work from home but work is sometimes an all day affair in the office;) #lululemonorleave

      • Hello… I think we all need to be snap chat friends! 😉 I’m rsenchur 🙂 and I’m definitely a donut or brownie girl. Hands down. That apple fritter looks amazing. Like I might go to the store and get one right now… Also I decided to start running every other day… Any suggestions to help me get in the swing of things?! And PS love that dress at the end 🙂

      • Omg running every other day is perfect!! And I like to do bursts of speed. So on the treadmill I’ll change the speed but outside I’ll go like mailbox to mailbox…fast then slow, fast then slow. That’s good to build up your endurance! And don’t be afraid to walk. We all do it;)

        P.S. Thank you that dress is my new favorite:) I got it at a store called White Lotus…it was just like Francesca’s!

  3. Sometimes I feel like a bag lady going to work because of the amount of Tupperware I bring. Definitely does not make for an easy day of dishwashing. I can’t walk into Lulu lemon if I’m trying to save money. Without fail I will buy an entirely new, totally unnecessary, running outfit. I love that dress too – where did your mom get it!? First blog was also Hungry Runner Girl! And best dessert = cupcake.

    • Omg HRG brings people together:) Lulu is dangerous even when you HAVE money!! I have been in dish wash mode lately…usually I throw it all in the dishwasher so I don’t have to look at it but it’s been very satisfying to wash it and put it in the cabinet right away! Haha

  4. First of all Kylie, that maxi dress is amazing! You look SO pretty in it!

    I love cookies and sweets so much. It’s my kryptonite. Cookies, cupcakes, cake, pie, ice cream, gelato, you name it 🙂

    That campus is gorgeous, such a pretty building. I love scenic runs makes them less boring.

    I love that she featured you on her website, that’s so cool and fun! My first blog I read was Shay’s over at Mix and Match Mama. I found her through Sean and the Bachelor 🙂 haha

    Happy Friday girl!

  5. I prefer cookies and donuts over cake for sure! And I only like cream pies…chocolate cream, coconut cream…oh and key lime! Love your maxi! And I love that you’re famous and that your favorite blogger did the Seattle Rock ‘n Roll Marathon since that literally goes right by my apartment. Gotta go check out her recap (if there is one) and see how she liked Seattle!

    • Now that I think about it, I think I prefer creme pies too! And thank you, it was so fun to wear! Don’t worry, she loved Seattle and now I have another city I want to visit 🙂

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