We Are Fam[ILY]

“Family is not an important thing. It’s everything.”

A great quote I read yesterday on Pinterest (follow me HERE) but also so very true. My family is super important to me, and I consider my friends like family, so I take all the relationships in my life very seriously. Without the people I surround myself with, I wouldn’t be who I am. I can be 23 years old and out in the world pretending like I got myself here, but really there are a whole bunch of wonderful people behind me supporting me every day. Yesterday was all about the fathers in our lives, and if you don’t have a father in your life anymore or your father is absent from your life, know that I am thinking about you. Your dad loves you no matter your circumstances.

I am lucky enough to still have my Dad, but we had to celebrate Father’s Day a few weeks early when I was at home visiting! We went to lunch and he opened his present and it was a wonderful Dad-Daughter date. Luckily, yesterday he still got to celebrate and spend the day with my brothers. But, I still woke up and texted him right away to wish him a Happy Day!


How many Father’s Day pictures did you “like” on social media? Honestly, I know some people get annoyed that everyone “participates” in holidays by sharing pictures, but I love days that make you recognize who you love and why you love them. So I liked all the Father’s Day pictures on my news feed. 🙂 I texted my Dad this collage and he said, “Omg! So nice!! I love it!!!” so since it was Dad approved, I went ahead and shared it on social media. Ha!

I have lots of great memories with my Dad. He always worked opposite hours than my mom which was nice for my brother and I because we got to spend some of our days with him instead of at our babysitter’s house! I remember making him hate the movie Parent Trap because me and my brother watched it 157 million times. I remember riding to get ice cream with him in his old “antique” car to get ice cream in the summer. I remember going to the Brickyard 500 when I was in second grade and never wanting to go back…it was so loud! Ha! I remember listening to Bruce Springsteen. I remember learning to drive at 14. I remember that he has always had a convertible of some kind…the man loves his cars! Mostly I remember just knowing he was always there to listen to us talk about our day/life/current problem/current happiness. He would do anything for my brothers and I. We are a lucky bunch.

A second Father’s Day shoutout went to my Pap Pap (my mom’s Dad). I never knew my paternal grandfather because he passed away before I was born, but I knew my maternal grandfather really well. He was the heart of our family. I was lucky enough to know him until I was 14, and then he was taken from our family in an unexpected and tragic car accident. But, that is not how I remember him. I remember riding on the lawn mower with him…and pretending to sleep in “his spot” on the couch when he got home from work…and going to his house every Sunday with my family to play and eat lunch. I remember his love for M&M’s and I remember he always only talked on the phone in the living room. Ha! I remember running all the way from the front door to his recliner chair to hug him (and I did that for a lot longer than you might expect;) and I remember how much he loved my Grandma. He was the best role model for his kids and his grandkids and I still think about him all the time. Would he be proud of me? I hope so.


And a third Father’s Day shoutout went to my cousin, Glenn. My Dad’s siblings are all much older than him, and lots of their kids are about the same age as my Dad. So he is an uncle to nieces and nephews that are his age. My Dad’s sister has two kids, Joan and Glenn, who are like an aunt and uncle to me because of their age. Family history aside –> Glenn went to college at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, which is about 45 minutes from my hometown, so when he was in school, he would spend a lot of weekends at my house hanging out with my parents. And I was this big. 🙂


I sent him and his wife this picture yesterday! Even after he was done with school and moved back home to Indianapolis, it still felt like we saw him all the time. A few times each year, my family would go to Indianapolis to see my aunt and of course my cousins would come over to hang out with us, too!


Glenn was always the one who would take us to the park, give us piggyback rides EVERYWHERE, and basically act like a kid with us. He is still the best cousin. 🙂 Now he is married and has a son who is about to go to middle school and I am AMAZED at how fast time flies!

Even though I didn’t get to spend Father’s Day with any of the amazing men in my life, it was still a good day. I hope you had the best weekend with your family! Happy Monday!

2 thoughts on “We Are Fam[ILY]

  1. All those baby pictures are so adorable! I didn’t get to see my dad or step-dad, and my fiance didn’t get to see his dad either. It was a bummer…thank goodness for phones!

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