3 Checks Off The Summer List + Other Exciting News

Goooooooood morning!


Link up with Andrea, Narci, and Erika and talk favorites with us! Happy Friday πŸ™‚

Favorite moment:


This sunset that I captured on Sunday night. I did absolutely nothing on Sunday except everything I wanted to do and it was much needed after a busy week! So to look out the window and see this…the little things are the big things, am I right?

Favorite purchase:


You need these Old Navy PJ shorts. You’re welcome for the selfie of me in my pajamas;) I got the “Key Largo” and “Lavender” color and I might just have to go back and buy the black because they are so comfy! Plus they’re on sale and an extra 15% off. Find them HERE. πŸ™‚

Favorite life event:


I am officially a second grade teacher in Fairfax County Public Schools. This is my classroom. πŸ™‚ It’s HUGE (and also being packed up by the teacher moving out of the room…don’t mind the mess;)! I am almost done with classes for my Master’s degree so it was just the right time to start applying for jobs. The application process is time consuming, the interview process is nerve wracking, but the job offer…it’s worth it. Sometimes you just have a feeling when you walk into a place or you talk to certain people…and I have talked to a few different people in the last few weeks, but on Monday, I finally found MY people. I’ve known that I wanted to be a teacher for a long time so I’m excited to start teaching the kiddos this fall. πŸ™‚

Favorite person to run with:


Meet Kristen. We’re both Pittsburgh girls (we went to Duquesne together) and now we both live in DC! She also teaches in Fairfax County so that’s fun:) Our favorite thing to do on Friday night is go to new fitness classes and new studios. I’m not joking. For probably two months this winter, my mom would text me on Friday night and say, “Where are you and Kristen working out tonight?” Ha! Now that she’s on summer break we have all the time in the world to do fun things and we tried out some new running groups this week! Monday night, we went to Lululemon’s free running club in Clarendon. Running down the hill to Georgetown felt amazing…running up the hill back to the store, not so much. Hence our beautiful faces;) Wednesday night, we did a bit of a trail run with my friends from church. Then, Friday morning, weΒ finally tried a November Project workout! I can’t wait to go back to that one!

Favorite new dessert:

IMG_8774 Β 

So I met Kristen’s friends at Lululemon’s running club and they wanted to get Pinkberry after our run.
2. It was an early birthday celebration for someone, so that was fun. πŸ™‚
3. I’ve never been to Pinkberry and now I can’t stop thinking about it. Friends, this is not your average frozen yogurt. It tastes so much better than everything I’ve tried before!
4. This has nothing to do with this picture but I slyly took a photo of my food the other day and my friend said, “Is that a picture for your blog?” And here I thought I was being so sneaky and smooth… #bloggerproblems

There were many new adventures this week…keep up with my summer bucket list here!

So tell me…what are some of your favorites this week?!

12 thoughts on “3 Checks Off The Summer List + Other Exciting News

  1. I haven’t been to Pinkberry in far too long! I used to swear by it, but now I’m digging 16 Handles, mainly because I can add my own toppings : )

    • That was my one complaint! I felt like she would judge me if I told her everything I ACTUALLY wanted on top haha! I’ve never heard of 16 Handles but I need to figure out what/where it is!

  2. Congrats on the job!!! Great news! I’ve never had Pinkberry, I don’t even know if they have any around here. I love froyo…so if this is even better than usual froyo I need to get my hands on it!

    • I think it’s because it’s made with real milk and yogurt! A lot of the frozen yogurt shops I’ve gone to have AMAZING flavors but it essentially tastes like soft serve ice cream. We don’t have Pinkberry in Pittsburgh so I was happy to discover it around here:) And thanks so much!!

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