4th of July Traditions

I love a good reason to celebrate. I typically spend time with family and friends, I can plan a fun, coordinating outfit, and I make or eat delicious food. This weekend, my family is coming to visit and I can’t wait to see them! Here are some of my favorites from past Fourths of July.

Favorite Easy “Recipe”


Notice how the word recipe is in quotation marks. Is it considered a recipe if I purchased blueberries, strawberries, and fruit dip, found a cute bowl in my parents’ kitchen, and put said ingredients in that bowl? 😉 I have made the ever-famous flag fruit pizza with berries before, but if you are rushing around looking for a last minute Fourth of July side dish, this is perfect for you! I took this to our Fourth of July picnic at YMCA Day Camp last summer and even among lots of chips and cookies, this was one of the campers’ favorite snacks! #proudcounselor

Favorite People To Spend the Day With


You know it’s officially the Age of Technology when you have individual pictures with each of your family members (or “selfies”) but not one nice group shot! Ha! Most of the time, I’m with my mom, my dad, and my two brothers for the Fourth of July, and now that I live out of state, I’m super excited to have two out of four family members coming to visit this weekend!


Meet Julie…my roommate from freshman year of college. The first Fourth of July of our friendship, we went to Williamsport, PA to visit one of our other college friends and her family. Other years have found us with my family watching fireworks. She’s made lots of appearances on the Fourth of July. 🙂

Favorite Place to Watch Fireworks


Since I’ve spent most of my life in Pittsburgh, I know lots of places to see fireworks there, but my very favorite place is on the golf course in Oakmont. They do their own fireworks, but you can also see at least seven other fireworks displays from your chair or blanket! Pennsylvania has lots of mountains…and part of the town of Oakmont is on top of a huge hill…so when you look off into the distance in a bunch of different directions, you can see fireworks in New Kensington, Fox Chapel, and even downtown! It’s pretty amazing.


Last summer, my family and I came to Washington, DC for the Fourth of July. It was about a month before I moved and my dad and brothers had never seen UMD’s campus or where I was going to live, so I wanted to show them around. 🙂 It was also pretty awesome to watch fireworks on the National Mall!

IMG_4285 (1)

There were SO MANY PEOPLE but there was definitely enough space to find a comfy spot in the grass. My favorite memory is laying in the grass next to the Washington Monument waiting for the fireworks to start and hearing the song “Let It Go” blasting over the speakers. Such a patriotic song. 😉

Favorite Pasttime


Making my dog wear an Old Navy flag shirt and a collar with American flags all over it. He loves it. Can’t you tell?! I think it’s so fun that Old Navy has patriotic gear for everyone in your family, including your favorite four-legged furry friend. My Dad was a store manager at Old Navy for MANY years so we always had a ton of flag shirts in our closets! Ha!


I also enjoy wearing as much holiday-inspired clothing as possible. This does not stop at Old Navy flag shirts. You saw my American flag sunglasses above…and you actually probably already saw this blue shirt! Which brings me to my star-spangled jean shorts from Forever 21. A great purchase. 🙂

Favorite Holiday Decorations


I am slowly creating my own collection of holiday decorations, so for this Fourth of July, I kept it low-key and shopped the dollar section at Target. 😉 There is a really attractive door in my living room, so I dressed it up with an American flag banner and added a few other touches to the coffee table and TV stand. Oh, and I forgot my favorite decoration! The red, white, and blue candy dish on my end table!

I really want to make this wreath


Photo Credit: Momfessionals Blog

…and make this cake. I think I could stand to step up my “fruit in a bowl as holiday snack” game. 😉



Happy Fourth of July to you! Have a good weekend!

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– Where do you watch fireworks?

– What’s your best Fourth of July inspired recipe?

8 thoughts on “4th of July Traditions

  1. I love the star spangled shorts! So fun! And dressing up your pup is always fun too. 🙂 We bought a shark doggy costume from ON one year and it’s hilarious.

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