Thinking Out Loud II


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// I’m a selective morning person.

Listen, if I have nowhere to be, I absolutely love waking up in the 7 o’clock hour to drink coffee and read my Bible and watch Good Morning America. In reality, this usually also includes doing work for summer class and my job (yay for working from home), but hey, at least I’m up and at ’em! However, today I had to teach a 7:15 AM Spin class for someone who is out of town and I started dreading it at 10 PM last night when I set my alarm. NO TO WAKING UP!

// Coffee addictions are real.

So I was never a coffee person. My drink of choice at Starbucks was always hot chocolate or a frappuccino, because hello, there’s no coffee in those. But those drinks also have 29343977 calories and I’m cold approximately 98% of the time regardless of the season, so I started to jump on the coffee train by buying flavored K cups and adding almond milk. This took away that strong “coffee flavor” I was trying so hard to acquire a taste for! Then I started student teaching and oh let me tell you, it was the longest, coldest winter in Pittsburgh in a long time. I was a huge fan of hot beverages every morning to 1) wake up for work and 2) warm up! Now almost a year later, I pride myself on drinking my coffee black (even though I still buy flavored K cups) and I also pride myself on not “needing” coffee. I don’t make it at a certain time every day and if I don’t drink it at all, my day just goes on. But a few mornings this week, I have woken up and started to work on my laptop before realizing I had a headache. I took Tylenol one day and I was annoyed because I get a headache when I look at my laptop screen too long…but this was morning. So I took my contacts out, put my glasses on, took Tylenol, and got back to work on my laptop…because work doesn’t wait. 😉 But now I’m wondering if I was craving caffeine?! Thoughts on this?!

// Spotify Premium

I signed up for three free months of Spotify Premium and I have no idea what I’m doing. I think I’ve listened to Spotify like two times since doing this. I usually listen to Pandora and I just open Spotify when Pandora starts to repeat songs. But I have to take advantage of this deal! Do you listen to Spotify? Should I make playlists? What do I DOOO with this new subscription I have? Hahaha

P.S. The 90’s playlist I’m currently listening to is

// I would never make it as a “real” writer.

I love to read and write and that’s part of the reason I started writing this blog. I always say “in my next life”, I will be an accomplished writer for a magazine or a novelist who lives in New York City. I don’t know why I have to live in NYC, that’s just where I picture myself. Sometimes I joke that I don’t have to wait until my next life to do this, I can do it right now! But the most important paper of my grad school career is called a Seminar Paper. It’s a literature review and I am writing about writing in elementary schools. It has to be reviewed by my professor and my advisor (who happen to be the same person) and two other professors in the department, so it’s a big deal! Here’s the situation I am currently in: it was due in April. I got an A. My professor/advisor gave it back to “edit” before sending it off to the final two professors. I revised. She mailed it back again. I am so frustrated! Now, I have worked as a writing tutor for almost four years, so I recognize and understand the importance of revision. It’s just hard when you think you’ve done your best and then your best isn’t your best yet! I have to fix simple mistakes like verb tense, but it’s 38 pages, so it’s a lot to get through. Third time’s the charm: here’s to hoping! But the frustration I have in editing this makes me think I couldn’t hack it in the “real” writing world. Ah!

// Who said being an adult is hard?

Last night, I made the wonderful decision to have a chocolate cookie salted caramel ice cream sandwich for dinner. 😉 Molly, it was even gluten free! I had to stop eating the cookie and just finished the salted caramel ice cream because the sugar high was getting too real. And my friend and I still stopped for actual dinner on the way home, so I can’t decide if it was a win or not…

// Yeah, I did that…

I may or may not have signed up for a Nordstrom card for early access to the sale because #blardigan. That is all. If you don’t read Sheaffer’s blog, get over there RIGHT NOW. She is a shopping queen, lets Pinterest talk her into new outfit combos, and also writes hilarious Bachelor recaps!


– What are you thinking about today?

18 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud II

  1. I was never a coffee drinker, but I loved Diet Coke. I used to drink them first thing in the morning (ew) and have 3-5 a day! I gave them up for lent one year and I had relentless migraines for 3 days. I’m pretty sure it was caffeine withdrawal… so crazy.

  2. So I started talking out loud to the computer when I read your thought about Spotify. I LOVE PREMIUM. Seriously they should give me free months for all of the recruits I’ve given them. I first got it when I moved to DC because I felt like going out on a run without a phone here was probably a bit unsafe but I didn’t want to carry both my iPod and my phone, plus I was interested in trying out some running apps. I know you can download songs from your iTunes, but you are talking to the girl who has 10,000+ in her iTunes library…so just choosing a few for my phone is impossible. They have a lot of great mood based and themed playlists, plus you can organize and save your own. It’s also a great way to find new releases without bothering with the radio and “new-to-you” artists. And I haven’t tried it yet but they just added a feature that creates a playlist based on your running tempo – I’ve heard great things.

  3. I love using Spotify for my runs, keeps me going. I’ve also started listening to podcasts lately while running when I get bored of my music.

    Haha! That’s one of my favorite things about being an ‘adult’ eating ice cream for dinner if I want to! It’s the best.

      • I love Gretchen Rubin’s Happier podcast. I also listen to celebrity interviews.

        I also really like Real Simple (the magazine) they have some good, practical ones. And Pete Holmes is funny too!

        Which do you listen to?

      • Oh I’ll have to listen to that one! I finished reading The Happiness Project earlier this year. I love the Real Simple magazine so that’s a good one for me to find too! I like Chalene Johnson’s “The Chalene Show” the best but of course I got into “Serial” and “Undisclosed” too!

  4. I like blog writing but I’m with you, I could never be a ‘real’ writer! Good luck with finishing your paper! I’m hoping the third time is the charm. 🙂 I shopped the Anniversary Sale this morning and can’t wait to get my stuff!!

  5. SOOOO many thoughts…1) I’m a new coffee addict too. Coffee isn’t a drink, it’s an experience! I can’t imagine giving it up now. 2) I love Spotify since I can make my own playlists but I just use the free version. I’m too cheap to pay for the membership! haha 3) I’ve thought about signing up for the Nordy’s card just so I could sneak in some early deals but am a financial nerd and am too scared about my credit score haha! Have a great day, friend!

    • I am too because I obviously don’t use it much! So when the free premium membership popped up, I jumped on it! Hoping I learn to love it 🙂 I got the debit card because you get the same perks but then I have to control my spending ha!

  6. I didn’t start drinking coffee until my first year of university, and while I try to keep my habit in check and never drink more than one cup a day, you better believe I treasure that cup as if it were liquid gold. I wouldn’t even say that I -need- it, but it’s definitely a comfort. My little hug in a mug 😀

  7. I didn’t really get how to use spotify until recently either, but now I LOVE IT! They have such great workout music that you can play at the gym (just remember to make it available offline) and my all-time favorite playlist when i’m at work is #POWERblonde, I highly recommend it!
    Also, your morning routine is my ideal routine, but when I have to be at work or do something early, I just end up chugging my coffee and running out the door so I feel your pain!

    • Ah yes! I have to remember to make it available offline so I don’t use all my data! I had an abbreviated version of my morning today because I was running late…I feel like it totally threw me off ha!

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