Hour By Hour Weekend [July]

There are a lot of fun connections to be made in blog land and I love “getting to know” the people behind the blogs that I read! Astleigh, who writes over at Hill Collection, wrote a post a few weeks ago called Hour by Hour and she decided to start a link-up just for that! So without further ado, I present my weekend recap for you…pretty much by the hour, but there may have been a few times that I plain ol’ forgot! Either way, it’s a weekend in lots of pictures that I might not have otherwise taken…and honestly, looking back, it made me realize the little moments that I loved each day!

Bless your heart if you make it all the way to the bottom of this post. 😉


10:00 AM


After reading my Bible, sending some work emails, and doing yoga, my weekend began. 😉 But first, I had to tackle this mountain of clean laundry. The last three loads of laundry that I have taken out of the dryer have been shoved into the laundry basket in my bathroom, and then I promptly put the lid on the basket so I don’t have to see the unfolded clothes. Ha! If I left the pile on my bed or the floor, I would fold it in that instant. Hiding it in the laundry basket got me out of folding for awhile, but with vacation and a move coming up, today was the day to get organized!



Still organizing…and I came across the books that were gifted to me by my mom last weekend as congratulations for my new teaching job! So I spent some time drinking coffee and reading two of my old favorites (Corduroy and The Giving Tree) and one new favorite (The Crayons)!



Cooked an spinach and cheese egg white omelette and some cinnamon oatmeal. Read some blogs and packed my pool bag for the afternoon!


IMG_9207 IMG_9209

Drinking a shake and getting some sun. My happy place. 🙂



Gazing at the Washington Monument and planes taking off from Reagan National Airport from my pool lounge chair…

4:00 (ish)


I parked in a spot right outside of Kristen’s building and paid the meter for the maximum time of two hours. I pay through an app on my phone which is so much more convenient than having extra coins everywhere I go! Usually, if I am staying somewhere longer than two hours, I watch this clock until it runs out and then hurry up and retype my information. I’m pretty sure that’s against the rules, but hey, it works! Of course, on this day, it would not let me re-enter my information because it KNEW I was trying to stay longer than two hours. How dare it make me get up and move my car to another space. Life is hard.



Got enough sun so we went inside. Definition of a true friend: the one who lets you lounge on their couch and eat their Trader Joe’s Cookie Butter ice cream. I can’t wait to move 4 blocks away from this gal. 😉



If you are planning on moving to DC, consider traffic a normal part of every day.



Time to eat dinner in front of the TV because my roommate is on vacation and I live alone this week so no one can judge me. 😉 I watched What Not To Wear with a side of chicken, yellow pepper, and sweet potato nachos with salsa and shredded cheese.



Yes, I am comfortably reading in bed on Friday night at 9 PM. #turndownforwhat


6:30 AM

Alarm rings. I hit snooze.



Text Kristen. We exchange details about the rainy weather and discuss whether or not we should still go for our long run. I sent her this photo and said she had 18 miles (the distance from my apartment to her apartment) to get out of her warm comfy bed and get ready to run. 🙂



1.2 miles into our run and this girl is having blister/Band-Aid issues. Sidenote: my iPhone was in a Ziploc because it was still sprinkling rain, hence the blurry photo. Safety first. 😉



Spotted: off-the-beaten-path statues. Also: selfies because there is only 1.5 miles left in this 8 mile run!


Before we got on the Metro, we took a little stretch break at The Washington Monument. This felt AMAZING post-run. A runner ran past us and said, “Hey! Good idea!” A family of four looked at us and said, “Hey! Great photo op!” We are so inspirational. Ha!



Guarded my car (and expired parking meter) while Kristen ran upstairs to her apartment to get my car key! #avoidalltheparkingtickets


Took a shower and got ready for brunch and the mall. 🙂



Ordered a new-to-me drink at Starbucks and wandered around the mall looking for our restaurant. Tall skinny iced mocha = exactly like chocolate milk but with coffee. YUM!



Kristen and I ate brunch at Founding Farmers. It’s a buffet style restaurant that serves “fresh American farm food” and I have been to (and loved!) their sister restaurant, Farmers Fishers Bakers, so I knew I was in for a delicious meal! I tried a piece of French toast, a blueberry pancake, a egg and sausage scramble, spinach salad, and focaccia bread with cheese spread. I l.o.v.e. their cheese spread. 😉


Dessert time! At this restaurant, as well as at Farmers Fishers Bakers, there is a dessert bar in addition to the traveling plates that come right to your table. When someone walks past with a tray of samples, you just can’t say no! Some of the traveling plates on this day were fried shrimp and sushi. This was a creme-filled donut and a fluffer-nutter bite! Let it be known that before my 8 mile run I ate a banana and so this brunch was covering breakfast, lunch, and post-long run hunger. Ha!



Shopping at the mall. Just your regular Tesla store. No big deal. I sent this picture to my little brother…he loves all things cars. These cars sell for easily $100,000 each so it definitely seemed like a random store to have in the mall haha!



Sending pictures of desks to my Dad. In three weeks, I’m moving from a furnished apartment to an unfurnished apartment. I have furniture in storage in Pittsburgh from the apartment I lived in during the last two years of college, but I don’t want to sleep in a twin bed anymore (can you blame me?!) and my desk was shaky and not put together very well so I need a new one. My Dad has so kindly offered to buy me a desk and I decided to send him a picture of one that I thought was PERFECT!


For $1099. Hahaha! He answered my text by saying “Sarcasm, right?!” and then immediately called me. Of course I was just messing with him, but it is a really nice desk. 😉



At the candy store because that sounds like a hearty dinner, right? I got lots of sour gummies and some treats as “extras” for my Dad and brother’s birthday gifts. The store was called Lolli and Pops and it was really fun! The workers were dressed as old-fashioned candy makers, hats and all, and there were so many different brands of chocolate and candy from countries all over the world!



I discovered the Health app on my iPhone actually DOES something…like tell me how many steps I have taken in a day! So fun! This was obviously not an ordinary day because I ran 8 miles and then walked all over the mall, but it was still a cool feature to find!



I went to Arlington Nutrition Corner to buy chocolate PB2 and peanut butter PB2 and on the walk back to Kristen’s apartment, Buzz Bakery caught our eye because it’s right downstairs, so we tried a Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough cupcake and an Apple Fritter. Because you know, we didn’t have enough junk food today or anything. In reality, we like to just taste everything that we eat…not actually eat the entire serving. So that makes it okay. 😉 Kristen didn’t like the cupcake because the cookie on top was an oatmeal raisin cookie and she hates raisins! I tasted the icing but it wasn’t anything great. The Apple Fritter was warmed in the oven before it was given to us so it was SOOO good!



A repeat of Friday’s picture because I literally laid in the same spot on Kristen’s couch and played with my phone…



Kristen’s roommate came home and we decided to eat dinner on the their rooftop deck. We walked to Sweet Leaf and got gigantic salads because HELLO VEGETABLES! There were so many people hanging out with friends on the roof this night…it was loud but fun and relaxing because look at this view. 🙂


Home in bed after a long but fun day! I finished the book I was reading on Friday night…but I purchased it at Half Price Books so that means someone else owned it before I did. And they left their to-do list on this page!


7:30 AM


Reading my Bible and writing some of the verses from Jesus Calling in my journal. I always write ones that stand out to me, even if they are long, and then write little notes next to them about why it was so meaningful to me that day. This picture is the verses, not my notes.



Walking down the street feeling thankful for where I live and the church home that I have found here. 🙂


I served in the nursery this morning with three others and we watch babies that are about 6 months to 18 months old. It depends on the week! On this day, there were four adults and four babies so it was pretty perfect! No pictures because 1) I was preoccupied and 2) I don’t know if it’s allowed ha!



…or a few minutes before! The second service starts at 10:30 and this was the countdown on the screen to let everyone know how much time they had left to mingle, get coffee, and find a seat!


Snuck out of church after the last prayer but before the last song so that I could get to a lunch meeting on time! I felt so bad!


Ate lunch at Earl’s Sandwiches with my future roommate and the owners of our apartment…aka her parents. 🙂 We talked lease agreement terms and just got to know one another! I like that we are renting from someone we (or she) know(s). Obviously I just met them, but it’s nice to know they will be around if anything goes wrong! They are super nice. Also, my Southwestern Breakfast Burrito was delicious.



Furniture shopping only sounds fun if you don’t HAVE to do it.



My friend Shannon baked blueberry quinoa muffins and gave me one at church! I saved it until I needed a pick-me-up. That time was now. 🙂



Grocery shopping to take my furniture shopping blues away. Ha! I love grocery shopping. It soothes my soul. I am not even being dramatic! I was at a Trader Joe’s that I don’t usually shop at and they didn’t have egg whites. I was shocked and kind of annoyed because now I have to make another stop. Oh, well. Anyways, Kelly talked about this dip last week and I knew I had to pick it up! It is just as good as she proclaimed it to be! Funny story: I was picking out a bottle of wine when I noticed the one Trader Joe’s employee giving out samples of different bottles of wine so of course I walked over and got in line. Even with wine in my cart, he carded me before he gave me a sample. #babyfaceforever



Got my life in order because this four week summer class is rocking my world. I NEED A BREAK! Molly, I need one of your “stop wishing for one day” pep talks. Thank you 🙂



That moment when you’re not really hungry but you don’t want to do what you actually have to do so you put it off by saying “it’s dinner time”. No? You don’t do that? Only me?

I was really excited to try this Eggplant & Zucchini mix from Trader Joe’s! I cooked turkey meatballs and these vegetables, added some sauce and cheese, and called it eggplant parm. I even have leftovers. Best dinner ever.


Screen Shot 2015-07-12 at 11.33.38 PM

Online shopped for desks because I swear they do not exist in furniture stores. For real. I dare you to go to a furniture store and find me a good desk. One that actually has space for me to put things…one that isn’t just a flat table calling itself a desk. Now opinion time: can I pull this desk off? Will it get too cluttered? Thoughts? Are you even still reading this? Ha! #longestpostever



The definition of summer class: reading on my iPad, taking notes on my laptop, drinking sparkling water and pretending it’s an adult beverage. 😉 I like ICE sparkling water and this one is Fresca. Do you have any favorites?!


Screen Shot 2015-07-12 at 11.38.39 PM

Did a happy dance and uploaded some assignments for my class!


IMG_9306 (1)

Funniest pictures of my dog ever. In my head, this is what he’s saying –> “But MOOOOOM I don’t WANNA wear the pink lei necklace!”


Amigo was just embarrassed.


“Don’t look at me.”


Had an actual heart attack because I accidentally closed this tab and I thought the whole blog post disappeared. Have no fear, it’s still here. Lucky you. 😉



Goodnight, world.
(I am not at home with my dogs…I just make my mom send pictures of them to me constantly. Ha!)

How was your weekend?!


14 thoughts on “Hour By Hour Weekend [July]

  1. This weekend was definitely a laundry weekend! As far as the desk goes, I’m a big fan of just getting a huge open table and repurposing it to be a desk, that way you have plenty of space and it forces you not to hoard things which I tend to do :). Also, those sweet potato nachos look amazing..I want them now and it’s only 8 AM!

  2. Haha I’ll get right on that pep talk as soon as I feel like I’ve mastered that concept 😉 Trader Joes is the best thing to happen to America hahah and I could never live in a city where I had to worry about my car being towed and meters being paid. Kudos to you, my friend!

  3. Haha um wait… is it not normal to be in bed at 9pm on a Friday? I love this style post… I think mine would be quite boring, especially if it’s nice out on a weekend… I’d be like 9AM – 4PM… laid motionless on the beach. Haha. Hope you have a fabulous Monday!

  4. I’ve never had Trader Joe’s cookie butter ice cream and now it’s all I can think about… I need it! Also I’ve never seen them giving out samples of WINE! But yeah I’m with you on the baby face thing. Wah. I love BOTH of those desks! I mean obviously the $1K one isn’t realistic…but I totally love the second one too! *insert me wishing we had a bigger place so I could buy a cool desk*

    • I never tried it either! I don’t trust the whole container in my freezer but luckily my friend is the ice cream queen;) Yeah my new place isn’t HUGE but I do want something cute/functional!

  5. I read the whole way through and enjoyed it all 🙂 So jealous of the nice weather you’re having… I’m ready for the rain to end! I love those desks! Can’t wait to shop for furniture one day… although it’s probably no fun when you have to cough over money for it all!

  6. I love children’s books! Even before having my babies I had a huge stash for my preschool classroom, you got yourself some good classics! Also I wish I had your will power to just “taste” something, my bite ends up being the whole thing 😉

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