Training Tuesday: MCM [Week 2]

So, I’m running a marathon. I still can’t believe that my body will be capable of crossing a finish line after 26.2 miles, but other people have done it before me, so I know it’s possible. Now that I have committed to 26.2 miles, I find myself noticing more bumper stickers that say 50 and 100 on them…as in 50 and 100 miles.

No. Way!!!

I know that these races exist because I follow many running Instagram accounts, but it’s like when you notice something, then you start seeing it everywhere. For me, it’s been commit to a long distance, notice even longer distances. I will not be convinced! Hahaha


I would probably look like this six hours into that race. This is how I felt about making dinner after returning from teaching a Spin class last Monday. Monday is a rest day according to this training plan, but you have to make tweaks to make it work for you sometimes…so Monday, I rested as much as possible…and then I taught a class…and then I was too tired to make dinner. Ha!

On the schedule last week was only a total of 10 miles during the week with a longer run on the weekend. 3 miles, 4 miles, 3 miles. Sounds pretty easy. On one 3 mile day, I planned to run down to a place that I know is 1.5 miles away and then turn around and run back. Keeping up with that theme of easy.


And then as you can see, I went all over the land in weird directions.

IMG_9088 IMG_9158

Also, I finally got new shoes. They are exactly the same as the pair I had before, but a different color. This was not my intention, but apparently my feet know what they like. Asics Gel Kayano 21, you are the one. 😉 They gave me speed to the nearest water fountains because oh my gosh it has been so humid and hot here! I have been running at random times of the day due to a combination of factors: my schedule, my own laziness, or the fact that it looked like it was going to downpour. You would think the downpour would bring some cooler air with it, but no such luck!


I usually return home with a face like Rudolph. But it’s okay when upon my return, I find a package in my mailbox.

IMG_9177 IMG_9178

I’ve also been trying to watch my intake of sugar because lots of sugar plus lots of running equals lots of cravings, at least for me. If I eat less sugar, I crave less sugar. Even though the dish above looks quite dessert like, it’s actually plain greek yogurt with chocolate PB2, cinnamon, and vanilla extract. I am really really trying to like the flavor of plain greek yogurt because I know it is so much better for me than the pre-flavored yogurts, but at this stage of the game, I still need lots of add-ins! One day soon I will be a plain greek yogurt girl. 🙂


I completed this week of training with a long run and the realization that I am actually a week ahead of schedule…which actually makes me feel better because I feel like I am building a really strong base in regards to running and cross training! Besides Spinning, I have also been doing some strength workouts like this one from Blonde Ponytail:

5 Rounds

10 squats

10 push-ups

10 reverse lunges (each leg)

10 plank toe taps (each side)

10 burpees

…and of course yoga, foam rolling, dynamic stretches (moving while in the stretch), and good old fashioned couch laying. 😉 I bought resistance bands so I can incorporate some of the hip strengthening exercises I learned in physical therapy, too! But mostly, my laptop has been my best friend…the Internet is great at providing entertaining at home workouts when I’m not running! I’ve been using Beachbody OnDemand, videos from YouTube, and pins from Pinterest. I use Beachbody OnDemand regularly, but YouTube and Pinterest pins are things I always say I’m going to do, and never get around to. I’m very proud of myself for taking cross training and strength training so seriously this time around!


There are always some doubts in your head no matter how closely you stick to the plan or how good your body feels. I get mad at myself because my speed is nowhere near where it used to be, but I have to accept the “slower” speed because it’s really not all that slow AND I am not in pain while doing it. We are our own worst critics, but hey, trying to better yourself isn’t a bad thing. 🙂

– What goal are you working to accomplish right now?

– What’s your favorite at-home workout?


I’m running the Marine Corps Marathon on October 25, 2015. If you feel compelled, please help me reach my fundraising goal of $550 by donating on this website. Thank you for your support!!!

7 thoughts on “Training Tuesday: MCM [Week 2]

  1. I am in awe of people who even do half marathons hahaha so you’re way ahead of me. 😉 You got this! Also I don’t like plain Greek yogurt either. I have to put honey and blueberries in it…and even then it’s usually not enough honey for me, but I resist the urge to add more!

  2. I’m really trying to hit a certain time goal for my marathon this fall. I just started training so we shall see how it goes 🙂 Best at home workout are the plyo DVDs I borrowed from my co-worker… she may never get them back! Haha. You’re doing so awesome!! Keep up the hard work!

  3. So I just responded to you on my blog saying how much I liked this post…and I realized I never commented! I’ll admit I usually read posts on my phone and don’t get around to commenting… But I’m working on it since I love when people comment on my blog… Anyways, I can’t imagine running as much as you, but this post encouraged me to at least run some more. I really liked how you said “one day I’ll be a plain Greek yogurt girl.” I need to start speaking to myself like that more… thanks for this:)

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