What’s In My Bag

What’s that commercial where they say, “What’s in YOUR wallet?” That’s what I was thinking about when I typed the title of this post. 🙂


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Here’s what I’ve been thinking lately…I’m one of those people who claims to be “not high maintenance”, but then I take a look at what I’m carrying in my hands or in my bag at any given moment and I have to ask myself again…how high maintenance are you? Today, you get to decide for me. 🙂

Many times when I take a quick trip to the grocery store, walk down to the pharmacy, or even go for a run, I have my phone and my ID case in my hand. This gives me a place to put my building’s key and ID, my license, my debit card, and any other small item/card I think I might need for that brief errand or workout. But other times, I’m going to be out all day, and besides having my phone and wallet, I’ll probably carry a water bottle, want a snack, need more Chapstick…so that is a time when I’ll carry my purse.


Last summer, my roommate from college got married, and each of the bridesmaids received one of these Michael Kors purses. Talk about a good friend. 😉 Her uncle worked with Michael Kors for many years so she was always good at keeping me up to date with the latest trends haha! In any case, I like to carry this bag in the summer because it’s the right color and the right size. I love the outside pockets, too! Perfect for my keys. Then they can’t get lost in the bottom of the bag!


Inside, I have two sides that each have small pockets and a zippered pocket down the middle. I usually put my planner and my wallet on one side, my phone and headphones in the middle, and everything else on the other side. So much organization, I know. 😉 Many times when I’m actually carrying this bag, I’m going to school or work and so I want to have my planner in there. My laptop also fits in there nicely and I keep the charging cord in the zipped center pocket as well. But if I’m going shopping…all that stuff comes right out! Laptops are getting lighter, but my new planner has some weight to it!


So what is that “everything else” that I mentioned above? And what is it for? Well, let’s see:

Hand sanitizer: for when I open a door, pump gas, shake someone’s hand…I am a freak about hand sanitizer.
2 lipsticks and a Chapstick: for when I need a little color…and for when I need a little protection! My Chapstick has sunscreen in it. 🙂
PINK Perfume: for when I need to freshen up.
Gatorade MiO: for when plain old water is boring and I want a flavor!
Shakeology: for when I’m hungry.
Blue wallet: for my ID and other cards. I can grab it and go even if I’m carrying my purse that day!
Michael Kors wallet: for the rest of my “wallet” items that I don’t want in my ID case.
Glasses case & contact solution: for backup! I wore glasses for almost 17 years of my life and I JUST started wearing contacts last summer. I am super paranoid that my eyes will hurt or something will mess up my contact halfway through the day, so I need these items!
External hard drive: for work. 🙂
Headphones: for running or for fun.
Post-Its, pens, and planner: for organization!
Bookmark: for place marking! It’s from the school that I will work at this fall and I use it in my planner.
“One Little Yes” card: for reminders that life can get a whole lot more interesting and exciting if you just say yes. This was a sermon at my church a few months ago.  Listen to the podcasts here!


Because I love my little blue ID case so much, when I want to carry that but I don’t want to take my whole big bag, I grab one of these two bags. Both big enough for my phone, my wallet, lipstick, and a snack (do you see a theme here? ;)) but they are also small enough not to get in my way! Everybody needs a good crossbody bag.

Survey time! High maintenance or just a regular gal?!

– What’s a must have item in your bag?

– Do you carry a purse every day?

15 thoughts on “What’s In My Bag

  1. I do not carry a purse, just my work bag. And it’s pretty boring and empty with the exception of my work laptop, wallet, and note pad. I think the craziest thing I have in my bag is a portable phone charger. Too much clutter stresses me out. Haha.

  2. “One Little Yes” card: for reminders that life can get a whole lot more interesting and exciting if you just say yes” (LOVE that!)

    what a fancy bridesmaid gift! Love peeking inside other’s people’s purses! I always carry hand sanitizer too.

  3. Hahaha oh my gosh I can’t believe we did the exact same post today…right down to the title!

    Definitely not high maintenance! I’d say regular girl. 🙂 I need the pouches in my purse, but since you have the two sides and the divider pouch in the middle you don’t even need them! Looking super organized!

    Also, I love your big bag and your two little crossbody bags. I totally wish I could only ever use a tiny crossbody bag, but that will never be me. But I do switch over to a little bag when I don’t need everything, just like you do.

    • Hahaha when I typed in your blog address I was like NO WAY!!! I love my cross body just when I’m going out in the evening but I totally understand why you can’t part with your big bag ha!

  4. Wow. I’ve been wearing contacts for 30 years. I never bring back ups in my purse. I’ve never needed them, either. I do bring 2 pairs when I travel, because the darn things occasionally tear or get a chip.

    My husband will tell you I’m high maintenance, but he has no idea. I am somewhere in between low & high.

    • Thank you!! And I think that’s a must have for a lot of us…I didn’t realize how many I had until I started thinking about this post! Lip gloss is my favorite but I want to start to invest in some good lipsticks, too!

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