MCM Training [Week 3]

Training this week looked a lot like sweat. That seems to be the theme so far! The heat index was 105* yesterday, so I’ve been hiding inside as much as possible, which is not what I like to do in the summer! I probably wouldn’t melt laying by the pool, but I’m going to the beach next week so I don’t want to risk sunburn before I get there. Sitting under an umbrella at the beach is so relaxing…until you have to do it! Operation: avoid sunburn is in full effect.


On Wednesday, we did 4 miles on an out and back trail. The air felt thick and it made my lungs feel out of shape, but I survived. I made fun of this mini water fountain when we returned…how nice is it that there’s a short little water fountain for dogs! I’m assuming it’s for dogs seeing as how it’s basically on the ground and I don’t think parents of children who crawl let their little ones drink from public water fountains. Ha!


There is an actual science and/or specific way to run hills when you are training, but one day this week I only had to run 3 miles, so I ran one mile to this hill. When I got there, I sprinted up the hill and jogged down the hill until my GPS said 2 miles. Then I ran the last mile home. It was a challenging but fast workout! In the midst of packing, I’ve lost track of some of my belongings…like The Stick…which I could have really used this week to get rid of the beginning feelings of shin splints. My foam roller is doing its best…I don’t have time for such things!


Friday night during marathon training looks like this. You can’t go grocery shopping on Saturday because you will have just run a long distance and you will be starving. And you can’t do much on Friday night because you know you will be getting up early to run said long distance…so that’s when you do your grocery shopping. I seriously would love to be a personal shopper who shops for people’s food. Ha!


Nutrition has been going well…I’ve been loving chopped salads, Zoodles, and chicken wraps with salsa and broccoli.


Plus I may or may not have eaten this entire watermelon myself within a week’s time. YUM!


Saturday was looking like a pretty nice morning to do a long run. It was only 75 degrees when I started, but the radio DJ said the temperature was supposed to go WAY up so I’m glad I got out there when I did! What she failed to mention about the day’s weather (and I’m terrible about checking) is whether or not it was going to rain. I’m more of a “look at the sky and see what it looks like” type of weather girl, so when I saw sun, I thought good things.


What do you know…5 miles into the run, the sky started to look like this. I was running back towards my car at the moment I took this picture, but I still had 4 miles to go. Those 4 miles consisted of lots of searching for cover/ideas about how to cover my phone should it start raining. Luckily, none of my crazy plans had to be put into action, but when I could see my car across the parking lot, Kristen texted me that it had started pouring where she was…and then as soon as ran over to my car (and ran around it a few times because my GPS said 8.8 miles and not 9 miles), it started to do this:


Rain drops the size of golf balls! I was WAY too happy to already be in the car.


Before I ran, I ate a banana, and after I ran, I tried this new-to-me Vega Sport performance protein. I found it at Wegmans and thought I would try a sample. I usually don’t like vanilla protein powder when I just mix it with water and shake it up on my own. Vanilla, to me, needs to be blended with milk and ice in the blender. BUT, this was surprisingly thick and flavorful with just water! It was the perfect “snack” for my drive home.

To Do List:

– Stop wearing the new socks I just bought…they are too short and give me blisters! 😦

– Invest in a belt that holds water/Gatorade and my iPhone 6+. I had a belt that held water bottles, but the pocket for your phone is too small for my phone now! The new belt that I bought doesn’t have room to hold water and I NEED that to survive the summer!

– Figure out how to make Spotify songs play offline.


I’m running the Marine Corps Marathon on October 25, 2015. I am halfway to my fundraising goal! If you feel compelled, please help me reach that goal of $550 by donating on this website. Thank you for your support!!!


8 thoughts on “MCM Training [Week 3]

  1. Grocery shopping on a Friday night is smart. We always end up going on a Saturday or Sunday and I just hate that it cuts into the day. Getting it over with on Friday night would be perfect. That dog water fountain is so funny to me.

    • Yes and there weren’t that many people there! On Saturday and Sunday, it feels like Black Friday. I have to fight my way around the store hahaha! Hope you had a good weekend 🙂

  2. Trader Joe’s or no grocery store!!!! I have been downing watermelon this summer like it’s nobodies business. Ps….i’ve heard so much about shakeology lately (I know you didn’t mention it today) but now I want to give it a try. Yay for marathon training! I know I couldn’t do that right now. So go you!

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