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I have been so “out of” blog world this week and I’m not even on vacation yet! This week brought lots of packing and moving and organizing. I’m half settled in my new apartment in Arlington…my furniture will get delivered when I get back from vacation. So for now, I’m in Pittsburgh (my hometown) trying to get my summer class work out of the way before I go to the beach with my family this weekend. Life sure is a whirlwind, but I love it!

Yesterday, Mattie tagged me in her post about ten things that she loves and hates. If you know me at all, you know I love anything resembling a survey and I love writing blog posts for all of you to read, so that’s what I’m here to share with you today! Part of the fun is tagging ten other bloggers to join in the fun and those lucky ladies are:

1. Molly @ Colors of Life
2. Katelyn @ Simply Sunflower
3. Jamie @ IDon’tEatThat
4. Amanda @ The Good Stuff
5. Morgan @ The True Life of KMK
6. Lauren @ Post Grad In Progress
7. Jenna @ Jenna Grace
8. Ashley and Annie @ Carolina Lifestyle
9. Brooke @ Mint and Mason
10. Michele @ One Step At A Time


1. Flavored K Cups. These babies are how I first found my love for coffee. To me, black coffee was so extremely bitter and the flavor in flavored K Cups + almond milk made my cup of joe much more enjoyable. Now, I can drink black coffee and I can tell a good cup from a bad cup 🙂 But I still love my flavored K Cups. My most recent favorites are Folgers Hazelnut and Donut Shop Coconut Mocha. You can really taste the chocolate flavor! Come to think of it, I don’t think I have ever purchased a “plain” flavor of K Cups before. *Edited to add: except for the ones I bought at Eat ‘N Park, a Pittsburgh-based restaurant. Their black coffee is good!

2. Lana Del Ray Pandora Station. I found Lana Del Ray’s music in Spotify, which you know is out of the ordinary for me, because I keep telling you I am still trying to learn how to work all of Spotify’s features haha! Anyways, I loved the sound of her voice and music, so I turned to my favorite music player –> Pandora. From there, I discovered Florence + the Machine and also rekindled my love for artists like Mumford and Sons. I am the girl who knows every word to every song that plays in the car, so it should come as no surprise that I like this seemingly “sad” genre of music. It soothes me! These artists are the kind that I can listen to in ANY kind of mood…happy, thoughtful, sad, excited, anything!

3. Breakfast foodMy love for oatmeal knows no bounds, even though egg white omelettes take a close second. Pancakes and waffles are my jam when I’m craving something sweet and if I had to survive on one snack food until the end of time, it would be Peanut Butter Cheerios. Who knew someone could be so passionate about breakfast? I just really like to eat. 😉

4. Running long distances. I know this makes no sense to most people, and believe me, mid-run, I question my sanity as well. There are times when I run and forget about the world, and there are times when it is struggle city the entire time I am out and about. Either way, completing the run covered in sweat makes me feel strong, happy, and accomplished. And I just can’t say no to that. Plus, runners make the best friends.


high fives


5. Reading. I used to fall asleep in my crib with a book on my lap. There is photographic evidence. 🙂 I have always loved books, and I’m especially loving them now that I’m getting into other genres! I was all about reading books about girls “just like me” or reading love stories, like Nicholas Sparks. Now, I love mysteries or drama and I also have a newfound love for nonfiction books in the self-help or personal development category. I love positive reads! In elementary school, reading was never a “cool” hobby to have…but I’m glad I stuck with it. 😉 Now, I think there are a few things that contribute to people’s lack of reading…or lack of desire to read. I think in college, it becomes harder to read for pleasure because you have a lot of work to do and sometimes reading doesn’t seem all that relaxing when you have to read for class, too. Then we have the invention of the smart phone. Oh how dumb it can make us. It’s addictive. Haha!

6. Acting silly with my brothers. Does anything else bring you back to your childhood like spending time with your siblings does? I feel like my truest self when I spend time with my brothers and we always have so much fun. They’re family…so they can’t judge me…right?! Haha


7. True Religion Jeans. I recognize how entirely materialistic this sounds, but hear me out. Remember that good old Marilyn quote about shoes? The same can be said about me for a good pair of jeans…


…a pair that fits me right and looks good and feels like buttah. And those would be my only pair of True Religion jeans! My youngest brother is super into name brands and I definitely did not think I needed or even wanted these jeans…until I put them on. I have officially joined in his craziness.

8. Nut butter.


‘Nuff said.

9. Shopping for seasonal decorations. You know what makes me happy? Having my own place. I refer to it as home when I’m there, but now I’m at my mom’s house in Pittsburgh and I also feel like I’m home. Do you do that too? Ha! The #1 best thing about having my own place (even though I have a roommate) is decorating for holidays. I love browsing at decorations in every single store. HomeGoods, TJ Maxx, and Marshalls are my favorite. Target is always a go-to. And of course Pinterest gives you the best ideas. Holiday decorations make the holidays so much more festive! I don’t go overboard because like I said, I share a living space, but I love the idea of buying pieces I really love and can see myself using in the future…because then I can tell my kids, “I bought this when I first moved out!” <– Yes, I know, I’m weird.

10. Playing Christmas music on November 1. It’s just right. I don’t care what your opinion is on the subject. 😉 Trans Siberian Orchestra and Dean Martin are the best. I also really really really wish I could find Regis and Kathy Lee’s Christmas cassette tape so I could have it turned into a CD or audio file. I LOVED THAT CASSETTE!

Hate is a strong word, so let’s go with…


1. Tomatoes. I love salsa. I love ketchup (which I understand is not really tomatoes). But I cannot get on board with tomatoes on my sandwich, in my salad, or in my omelette. They are slimy and slimy and not good at all. <– Can you tell I was a picky eater as a child?

2. Too many days in a row without sun! This mostly relates to winter, which is actually a season I love. The first snow makes me extremely happy, everyone is in good spirits, we get to celebrate Jesus, and oh yeah, it’s my birthday. 😉 However, winter often brings lots of cold, dark days. Even during all the holiday fun, I need a little bit of sunshine!

3. Cars who slide into your lane without signaling. DC drivers are aggressive. It’s just a fact of life. However, if you don’t signal and end up in front of me, I hate you for too many reasons to list. Besides the fact that that is really unsafe, I am not an incredibly slow driver so why do you need to get around me?! I just don’t understand. Tangent: I wish cars had bumper stickers that said “tourist” or “resident” so I would know who to actually be angry with when I’m driving around DC. Because listen, if you’re a tourist and you’re trusting Siri to give you directions, I TOTALLY GET IT when you have to cut me off. That lady pretends to know what she’s talking about, but she’ll turn on you on a dime. 😉 However, if you’re a resident, you know the lane ends here and I hate you for cutting me off. Another tangent: The guest pastor at church two weeks ago was talking about a family member who came to visit and asked why so few people signal before they merge…and he said, “Why would we tell the enemy what we’re about to do?!” It made me laugh. 🙂

4. Red meat. I’m not a vegetarian, and yes, I will eat a meatball if it comes with my pasta, but my picky childhood tendencies have carried over into adulthood and I just prefer chicken or turkey! I’m working on my taste for seafood right now. So far I like crab cakes, Mahi Mahi, tilapia, and sometimes shrimp. Progress. 😉

5. Appointments that aren’t really appointments. It’s hard enough to get in to the doctor’s office on the day you are able to go with the doctor you want to see. But then you run into the whole issue of sitting in the waiting room. And sitting. And sitting. And sitting. I spent 3.5 hours in LensCrafters three weeks ago. I’m not over it yet.

6. Waiters who don’t understand wait time. If I’m waiting for someone to arrive and they have just had a seat at our table, then no sir, we are not yet ready to order.

7. Telling people something that is going to make them angry/sad/upset. I’m a people pleaser. I want to spread cheer. If only life came without dark clouds!

8. Full price bathing suits. Dear Target, it’s the end of July. You’re rolling out the fall clothes and school supplies, and the bathing suit I want is still $40. Can we work on this? #clearanceplease

9. Dirty dishes in the sink. Especially dirty dishes in the sink filled with water. I am not a believer that soaking a dish will allow it to be cleaned more easily. No. Run water on that thing, soap it up, dry it off, and put it away immediately. I’m really not OCD, but dirty dishes just seem so…germ-y to me. I wish I could insert the emoji of the monkey with his hands over his eyes here. 🙂

10. The radio. Can we all agree that the Top 40 is just not a thing? I swear every radio station, no matter the genre, plays the same six songs over and over and over. It makes me seem like I have music ADD but really, I don’t want to hear the same song I just heard 20 minutes ago! I was complaining about this yesterday and my mom said that this only happens on long trips. You’re in the car for so long you feel like you’ve heard it all! But I have to say no…I’m that girl who complains about this on a drive to the mall. I should be a DJ. 😉

– What is one food you dislike?

– When do you start listening to Christmas music?


Linking up with Amanda at Running With Spoons!

9 thoughts on “Loves & Hates

  1. Hah! I just posted mine today too! Thanks for nominating me…you are so sweet! I also start playing Thanksgiving music….December 1st. More like on the way home from Thanksgiving. All your long distance motivates me girl!!!

  2. I included the no turn signal thing in my pet peeves post. Sometimes there’s a driver you can just tell wants to get over, they’re slowing down, or inching over, or whatever. And even if they’re not being aggressive about it, I won’t let them over if they don’t signal. If they had signaled, I might have purposely let them over. JUST USE YOUR SIGNAL! I also wish there were bumper stickers for tourists and residents.

    I’m a people pleaser too! I hate when people are upset with me, it makes me feel sick to my stomach! I only like shrimp sometimes too. It has to be prepared right. And I normally start listening to Christmas music the day after Thanksgiving, but last year I was totally a November 1st girl. And all day every day at work I listened to my Christmas Pandora station. It was the best ever.

  3. I love this! Thanks for the tag : ) And my mom starts listening to Christmas music the day after Thanksgiving… I’m of the mindset you need to give it until December 1st

  4. This is so fun! I tagged you too yesterday (love our little group of blogging friends, it’s awesome!)

    I love lana del rey, she has so many good songs!

    I need to make some more running friends, I usually run by myself with my music or podcasts, looks like you’ve got some awesome running buddies!

    And I hate dirty dishes in the sink too, makes me cringe a little.

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