MCM Training [Week 6]

A wise woman (Janae from Hungry Runner Girl) once said, “Run the week you’re in.”

What that wise woman meant to say was, “If you look too far ahead at your marathon training plan, you will have an anxiety attack.”

I just finished my sixth week of training for the Marine Corps Marathon, which is on October 25. Just to recap: I’m following a Hal Higdon Novice I Marathon plan. I’m a fan because I personally can’t run too many consecutive days in a row and I need time to cross train. This plan gives me two days to rest, one day to cross train, and four days to run. That, I can do.

Except when I looked ahead at my calendar.

Saturdays are the day for long runs.

Every long run from now through October 10 is a double digit run.


This picture sums up how I felt once I had that revelation. Marathoners of the world, you might be thinking, is she crazy? This is normal! But as a lover of the half marathon distance, my longest “long run” has been 12 miles and my longest race has been 13.1 miles. So when I see those numbers that say 16…20…18…I can’t even imagine running that many miles! But that is why we focus on the week we are in. Because when we get to those crazy long distances, our bodies CAN handle it. We have trained ourselves well. I’m excited to conquer those long training runs, but I’m tired just thinking about it. Saturday afternoon might become the official nap time around here. 🙂

Let’s get to training!

– Monday –

A planned rest day; I ran 4.25 miles with lululemon athletica Clarendon run club.



It was hilly and humid. This run was hard. I was the second to last person to finish and I kept waiting for the girl behind me because no one likes to struggle alone! We were given popsicles upon finishing our run, so it was all worth it. 😉

– Tuesday –

A planned “run” day; I rested since I ran Monday with lululemon.

I got a little antsy in the afternoon, so I logged onto Beachbody OnDemand and did a 45 minute Cize workout. This is Beachbody’s newest program. You learn a dance routine in 8 counts…first you learn the 8 counts slowly, then you start to dance a little more to the beat…then you learn a new 8 count. And you keep learning 8 counts in this pattern until the last five minutes when you put it all together and “Cize It Up”…or look like you know what you’re doing. Ha! It was fun. 🙂

– Wednesday –

5 miles before work and my furniture delivery!


I apparently took few pictures while running last week, but I have a plethora of screenshots of MapMyRun! This run wasn’t nearly as hard as Monday’s because it was earlier in the morning and the beginning was slightly downhill. I did get a cramp during mile 3 that I couldn’t seem to shake and that slowed me down. #positivesplits #yuck


I also hit my fundraising goal on this day! I was aiming for $550 and I have since exceeded the amount you see here. Thank you SO much to my friends and family who have supported me in my training and Give To The World and CitiHope International in their missions! You can still donate up until the date of the race and you can do that here.

Photo on 1-1-14 at 3.25 PM #3

Throwback to that one time I could kind of do crow pose. I’m showing you this because Wednesday is the day I went to hot yoga and could NOT do crow pose. Or a headstand. Or tricep pushups on my toes. Or any of the other tricks that people were whipping out. But I was just there to stretch. I don’t need to be fancy. Hahaha

– Thursday –

Scheduled 3 miles which turned into a fast 4 miles!


No sunshine, but the chance of rain made the air a little easier to breathe. I was set to run 3 miles on this day and once I hit the road, I decided 3 “regular” miles wasn’t what I was going to do today. Instead I ran through the park to the nearby high school and did a track workout that I entirely made up in my head.


1 mile run to the track. 400 meter sprint, 400 meter jog. Repeat 4 times. 1 mile run home. I ended up logging 4 miles on this day, I felt speedy, and it was good to mix things up.


I say that now, but this is what I thought of sprints on Thursday afternoon… 😉

An aside –> The things we do for our blogs. This is such an unattractive picture. Hahaha! Why did I even take it?!

– Friday –

Scheduled rest day.


I went on the elliptical downstairs in the gym and read the first few chapters of Bossypants to pass the time!

– Saturday –

12 mile long run!


It may have been early and I may have forgotten to buy Gu, but this was one of my very favorite runs of the week. The weather was gorgeous (read: I felt like I could breathe) and I was just generally in a good mood! Plus Saturday morning on DC trails is always fun because there are a ton of people out running, walking, and biking.

Also related to training: if I’m going to be really honest, I have been a terrible example of strength training. I do stretch after every run and ride the stationary bike to cool down…this helps my hip. I do use my foam roller and The Stick. I have accomplished my goal of doing yoga at least once a week and I definitely cross train on Sundays, but I NEED to pick up some weights this week! I must! I had some nagging shin splints this past week that eventually went away but I have no excuse to slack on strength training when that is exactly how I got injured before. Our bodies can’t just run and run and run. We need muscle!


Then we have the power to push our legs through runs that let us see beautiful views. 🙂

So, if my personal goal for the week is to incorporate more strength training, what is your goal? It doesn’t have to be fitness related! Tell me!

16 thoughts on “MCM Training [Week 6]

  1. I’m with you — ST is so important! Not that it’s actually always helped me avoid injury. But it also makes our bodies look better. 🙂

    So THAT’s what Cize is. Sounds fun! I’d never heard about it until someone on IG was talking about it. I like fun workouts. And it’s good cross training (even tho I’m a terrible dancer).

    Oh yeah, I’ve shared my share of butt ugly photos. 🙂

    • Yes! It’s a pretty good workout. I felt it in my abs and arms, surprisingly! And I’m with you on the strength training…it definitely doesn’t guarantee injury free, but it helps so much!

  2. Great training week! I’ve only done half marathons so far so I’m really impressed with your double digit miles 🙂 And my post run selfies are always amusingly bad.

    • Hahaha why do we even try to take those selfies?! And don’t say you’ve “only” done half marathons…that’s an accomplishment! I love the half marathon distance so this is a big change for me!

  3. I’ve heard great things about the training plan you’re following. I’m using a similar one from Runner’s World (4 run days, 3 XT/rest days which I usually bike for two of them and rest the third) and that’s about all I can handle. It’s pretty crazy when we start running our furthest distances ever but I keep proving to myself over and over that we’re stronger than we think. Great week!

    • Yay!! I’m glad to hear a positive review!! And I’m also glad to know that you follow a similar schedule…I wish I could be out there six days a week, but my body just can’t handle it!

  4. Looky there…you finished your post for today! I love that you work out with lululemon peeps now. I love doing yoga there! How on Earth can you put videos in your post and I can’t figure it out?? Ugh!

  5. I love your training posts!! They are always so encouraging. And I totally get feeling like 12 miles is enough…it is haha! Seriously, you are doing great…you got a lot of cheerleaders here!! 🙂

  6. I am so impressed! I wish I had your running skills (but I don’t have the willpower to get there at this point! ha!). Also, this is embarrassing but I’ve always wondered…what are positive splits? Hahahaha. 🙂

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