MCM Training [Week 8]


I would love to show you lots of pictures like this.


But in reality, my last week of training looked a lot like this. Boo.


Let’s start from the beginning.

– Monday –

Scheduled rest day

This is the day that I drove back to Pittsburgh and surprised my family! I shopped with my mom and aunt, then headed back to my Mom’s house to cook on the grill with my Dad and my brothers for dinner. My very favorite hip hop class is called Kam Jamz and while all day, I told myself I really was going to rest on this day, ultimately I decided to go. I’m never in town. I had to! Here’s a short video of the class. It’s awesome!

I chose this video because I’m in it haha! Blue shirt, gray leggings with a purple stripe if you’re looking. πŸ˜‰ If you’re in the Pittsburgh area, you should definitely get to Faster in Robinson for a Kam Jamz class on Monday night! Kam is the very best. Find her and her schedule on Facebook here!

My right shin was kind of bothering me during class. I’ve been fighting what I thought were shin splints in the past few weeks, but they seemed to have disappeared recently…until this class. All the stomping and dancing was not very good to my leg!

– Tuesday –

Scheduled 3 miles

My training increased in mileage during the week this week. I knew that I had to run 7 miles on Wednesday, so instead of pushing through these 3, I went to the gym and rode the stationary bike. Such fun!

– Wednesday –

Scheduled 7 miles

There was no way in heck I was going to be able to run 7 miles on this day. Now, the pain in my shin definitely didn’t feel like shin splints. It was very focused in one area and I could feel it just when I was standing up. I called my doctor at UPMC Sports Medicine and made an appointment. I figured it was better to be safe than sorry! This was the weirdest day ever…I went out to breakfast with my brother, I went out to lunch with a friend from high school is expecting a baby in November, I got my hair cut, I got my car inspected, and then I went out to dinner with my mom. Needless to say, I didn’t make it to the gym to ride the darn bike on this day. Ha!

– Thursday –

Scheduled 4 miles

Today was the day of my doctor’s appointment. I worked with this doctor when I tore the muscle in my hip a year and a half ago. This doctor is super knowledgeable and he’s a runner so I knew I wanted to see him again while I was home about this shin issue. Side note: my left hip is the one I deal with all the time (and I know how to manage it) but of course this shin problem is on the right leg. Can’t all the injuries stick to one side of the body?! Sigh.


The appointment started off with two X-Rays of my right shin and then I headed in to see the doctor. Dr. Mares is the best! When we looked at the X-Ray, he showed my mom and I that there is a little bump on my bone (the tibia). Basically, that bone is a little bit swollen. When your bone gets a little crack in it, that is called a stress fracture. I don’t have a crack…yet. The pain I am having and the bump on my tibia led Dr. Mares to believe I have a tibial stress reaction. This is caused by overuse, which is SO frustrating to me because I haven’t been running extra miles. I have been following this novice plan to a T!

Dr. Mares suggested that I take two weeks off and said that I am only allowed to bike. More specifically, I am only allowed to ride the bike where your feet are in front of you. Know what I mean!? I should be thankful because with a stress fracture, I would be out for 6-8 weeks. As it is, I am just frustrated because after two weeks, I am not guaranteed to be okay. I’ll be in contact with Dr. Mares again in two weeks to figure out where to go from there. I am so hoping that I don’t have to pull out of the marathon, but I really don’t want to run if I am going to get hurt. I feel terrible because I really WANT to run a full marathon and I also feel terrible because I worked so hard to raise money for Give To The World and CitiHope International, the two charities I am running for. Whatever the outcome, I still raised an amazing amount of money for those charities and if I have to spectate this race, I will. Right now I am just thinking all the positive thoughts! I am praying for a speedy recovery.


And I’m also thinking this. πŸ™‚

After my doctor’s appointment, I dragged my mom to the YMCA with me to ride the stationary bike. What are the chances that the other days I was at the gym this week, I used the exact machine Dr. Mares said I should be on?!Β It was nice to have my mom’s company on this “ride”.

– Friday –

Scheduled rest day

I drove back to DC and spent 30 minutes downstairs in the gym on the bike! I chose the Intervals program to make it a little more challenging and set the resistance to 5, whatever that means. I hadn’t been on Instagram all day so I was quite entertained while I was riding. πŸ™‚


I also came home to a package full of compression sleeves! I ordered this grab bag from Pro Compression because I was able to get three pairs for only $55! For this brand, that is a great deal. Compression socks/sleeves reduce swelling and inflammation, helping you to recover faster (source)! Because I got the grab bag, I wasn’t able to choose what colors I would receive, but I actually like the choices! I ordered these before this injury and now I am even more excited that I have them!

– Saturday –

ScheduledΒ 10 miles

Derp. I slept in and then passive aggressively liked every single “YAY I DID MY LONG RUN” photo on social media. I usually love those kinds of posts but I was just not feeling the love on this morning haha! In reality, my social media friends did a lot of really great running on Saturday morning so I AM happy for them. Just not so happy for me;) 45 minutes on the bike. One bike was squeaky and one bike was making a ticking noise. I was watching TV but I kept focusing on these sounds.Β Made a mental note to bring headphones next time ha!

– Sunday –

Scheduled cross training

I charged my iPad, downloaded a new book to my Kindle app, took headphones, and planned to stay on the bike for one hour. Yes, people, today was finally the day I would make it to an hour!


With 4:17 left until the 30 minute mark, I started counting down. And then once it hit 30, I peaced out. AH! I cannot make myself ride for longer than that. I wish WiFi worked in the gym so I could watch TV on my iPad! Watching the TV on the wall just isn’t the same because I can’t choose what I’m watching. #firstworldproblems

So…one week of rest down, one week to go. Lucky for me, Dr. Mares said that the first few days before I saw him when I wasn’t doing so much high intensity exercise could “count” towards my two weeks off. How am I feeling? Honestly, I feel like my leg feels the same. Tibial stress reaction, go AWAY! I still have a full week of “rest” aka biking to go so hopefully I am feeling brand new by Sunday. We shall see!

Thanks for reading my running rambles. Injuries are no fun, but I know I mentally needed this break as much as (apparently) I physically needed it, too. My mom would like me to quit right now so I don’t ruin my body, and honestly, I WANT to be able to race again, so if this isn’t the time for me to keep training, I really will step away from it. In the meantime, your positive thoughts would mean so much! Happy Monday! πŸ™‚

P.S. First day of new teacher training in Fairfax County Public Schools. So excited!!!


8 thoughts on “MCM Training [Week 8]

  1. Go you! Good luck with your training!!!! I’ve been getting shin splints like crazy these past couple weeks, so i’m considering taking a break from running completely. I just don’t think it’s probably good that i’m walking around in my work heels and my shins hurt. Hope you start feeling better!!

  2. Sorry about the injury 😦 That’s good that you caught it early though before it turned into a stress fracture. Hopefully this second week of rest does the trick and you’re back to training next week. I got the grab bag from pro-compression earlier this year and loved all the socks they sent me too! It’s a great deal.

  3. Ugh – running injuries blow. I’m so sorry that totally stinks. You’ll be back before you know it!! And good luck teaching!!!! Have a fabulous day πŸ™‚

  4. Ah I’m sorry, glad you caught it early though. I know from friends that stress fractures have a long and tedious recovery. Wishing you best! Have a great week!

  5. Nooo, that sucks! 😦 I hope after the two week period you’re good to go! When workout machines make an annoying noise I have suuuch a hard time focusing on anything else! It’s so frustrating. Good luck on your first day of new teacher training!!!!

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