Bookworm Wednesday [September]

I’m excited to talk about books with Molly and Katie today! I have always loved to read. In elementary school, I remember that it wasn’t “cool” to say that you liked to read…but I always identified myself as a reader and I still do today! I think it would be so cool to be a librarian some day. Another post for another day. 😉


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leaving time

This book really surprised me. I love Jodi Picoult and I have read almost all (if not all) of her books, but this one was a little bit different and I loved it! Her stories usually involve a family drama with lawyers and a courtroom. However, Leaving Time was about a mother and a daughter and the bond that is formed in that relationship. The mom is a researcher and studies elephant grief, so there is a lot of interesting stories about elephants in this book. It sounds strange and possibly boring when I say it like that, but Jodi Picoult really wove those more detailed pieces of information into the story so you wanted to know more about elephants! The mom disappears after a tragedy and years later, her teenage daughter refuses to believe her mom left her behind with her grandma, so she sets off to look for her. Each chapter changes point of view by character, which I loved, and I was so surprised by how this story turned out! It’s a page-turner for sure!


I read Gone Girl like everyone else in the world, mostly because I am a huge fan of books that become movies. Because I love going to the movies, but the books are always better, so I have to read the book before I see said movie. 😉 I have been refusing to read Dark Places and Sharp Objects, Flynn’s other two popular books, because reading the back cover at Target freaked me out, so I thought there was no way I could make it through the whole book! This book is about a mother and her four kids and the story picks up after the tragedy has occurred, so you don’t have to read through all the gory details. However, they do slowly come to light throughout the book, and like I mentioned above, as I read, I found I wanted to know these things! The point of view changes by character a lot as well, and I really had no idea what to expect as I read. I’m either really bad at predicting, or I chose two really mysterious books to read this summer haha!

innocent in las vegas

I’m one who likes to read multiple books at the same time. Maybe if I stuck to one at a time, I would finish reading more quickly, but that’s just not my style. I’m reading this book on the Kindle app on my iPad right now, but I found the book on Book Bub. It’s a site with free and low-price books. I usually stick to the free books, because why not?! But this means that I usually am not reading titles that are super popular. In any case, I have loved the stories I’ve read from Book Bub so far! Innocent in Las Vegas is the first in a series of books about a woman named Tiffany Black. She works in a casino in Las Vegas and the case that she is trying to solve in this book is her very first! A wealthy casino owner was killed and the wife is being blamed, but claims she is innocent, so she hires Tiffany to look into the case. Tiffany is kind of flighty, but she’s a very likable character. I think mysteries might be my new favorite genre!


I’m also reading Bookends, which I found in the library in my apartment. The main character seems to be Cat, but the story follows her and two of her friends (and one’s wife) from college. Later in life, they all run into another friend, Portia, who apparently has become successful by writing a TV show…with characters that are loosely based on her college friends. They are all about to reconnect with each other, so I’m curious to see where this goes, because flashbacks to college make Portia seem very dramatic!


My taste in books probably didn’t seem that “all over the place” until you saw this one. I just picked it up in a clearance bin at a craft store and I’m excited to flash back to high school and get into this book! 🙂

What are you reading lately? And where is your favorite place to find books? I’m all about the half price book stores and free ebooks 🙂


12 thoughts on “Bookworm Wednesday [September]

  1. I loved Dark Places and Sharp Objects (and Gone Girl too!). I have to agree with Lauren’s comment, Sharp Objects was the creepiest in my opinion. I think I’m weird because I loved how creepy Gillian Flynn’s books were hahaha. Now that I know Leaving Time was good (it’s one of the few Picoult books I haven’t read) I will need to reserve it at the library!

  2. I need to check out BookBub! My parents have an amazon prime account so we get a ton of free books through their library, but I’m always looking for more!

  3. I’ve heard about jodi picoult’s books but have yet to read them. Thanks for sharing so many different books this month! I’m currently in the middle of reading 3 books too! Hey reading is cool now 🙂

  4. lol I read this “The main character seems to be Cat” as the main character seems to be a cat. And I was like how can you not tell whether it’s a cat or not? And then I was impressed that the cat had friends and went to college. Definitely made myself giggle with that one.

  5. My sister always raves about Jodi Picoult. I need to get into those books asap! I haven’t read gone girl, but I wonder if I would like Dark Places. Do you have shelfari or goodreads? I love keeping track of everything I read. AND my favorite place to get books is the library. I will put like 10 books on hold when I read all of the recommendations and slowly but surely they become available and I always have a few to read!

  6. I love reading a few different books at a time! I finish them in batches, somehow! I’ll be reading like five books for a month straight, then finish all five within three days and feel lost… like what do I read now?! Then I pick up five more, and start over!

    I really enjoy Jane Green’s books! I just recently got into her writing! I really liked “Jemima J” and “Family Pictures” and I think you would like the second one because it’s kind of a mystery with the main male character. Very interesting!

    What is the last book about?! Is it a YA novel? I like to read them from time to time to keep up with the youngins 😉

    • Yes she wrote all the Gossip Girl books (which I used to read) but I haven’t read that one yet! It was in a clearance bin at Pat Catans so it’s probably old haha! I’m glad you can relate to reading so many books at the same time. My brothers think I’m crazy!

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