The Shortest Post Ever Ever

First things first.

Today was supposed to be the day of pumpkin + my favorite breakfast on the blog.


Fun fact: the post went live yesterday.


If you have five minutes, like to eat breakfast, and are jumping on the pumpkin bandwagon this fall, read the recipe here. 🙂

Screen Shot 2015-09-02 at 11.05.15 PM

I’m off to read a book, not cut out the millions of things that I laminated for my classroom, and marvel at the fact that Google changed their font. Come on. I know you’re on that website enough to notice such details!

See you tomorrow for Friday Favorites!

7 thoughts on “The Shortest Post Ever Ever

  1. Oh my gosh! Google can’t change their font! Now I have a mental stutter in my head. Whaa? It just looks wrong. I actually don’t use Google search that often, but enough for me to notice with the screenshot. 😀

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