Currently [Day 12]

Saturday, September 12: What are you currently up to?




…and PDFs of education journal articles for my graduate class. Do you see why I like reading blogs so much?! Because they are so much more fun! I really do enjoy the reading that I have to do for my job and for school, but you must understand the need for mindless reading too, right?!


Tourist in my own town. Last weekend, I went for a run, which is normal, but I didn’t plan the route, which is definitely not normal. I ended up at the Marine Corps Memorial, Arlington Cemetery, the end of the National Mall by Lincoln to get a drink from the many water fountains, and in Georgetown.


Behind me, you can see three in a row: Iwo Jima, the Washington Monument, and the Capitol Building.





Big Brother & Extreme Weight Loss! I never watch either of them in real time but they are my favorites! Of course, I am also excited for Scandal to start up again too. 🙂


Not to let my job consume me. I actually dreamed about all 23 of my students last night. Sigh. I woke up at 2 AM to go to the bathroom and I was giving myself a mental pep talk like, “I am NOT going back to sleep and dreaming about those children!” And then I did. Ahhh! Oh, fun fact: for a few moments when I wasn’t dreaming about my kids, I had a dream that me, Sarah at Picky Runner, and Jamie at IDon’tEatThat were all running a half marathon together. Ha!


I just made this…


…and put marinara sauce and mozzarella on top. The lazy way to make an Italian meal. 😉


Entirely too much candy corn.


And my Dad is not helping my addiction by sending me care packages that look like this. Hahaha


Light blue Powerade Zero. Aka mixed berry flavor. I have been so bad at hydrating lately!


My brothers, both of my parents, and Kristen. The usual. 😉


Teacher stuff because #cantstopwontstop and fall stuff because #basicwhitegirl.


Not much of anything lately! I think I’m pretty funny;) so when I do tweet, you should follow along. Follow me here!


To spectate at the Nation’s Tri tomorrow! I don’t think I could handle a triathlon as I still hold my nose when I go swimming, but it will be fun to see so many others conquer the triathlon goal all the way through DC!


This cooler, rainy DC day. Don’t worry, the humidity is still 96%. #dying Still, if you aren’t outside to run, it feels nice because it’s only 74*! I have candles burning, my laundry is all done (though not yet folded), and I’m on my couch with a big blanket!


Comcast. Last week, our TV didn’t work for a good 36 hours. I tried everything and then I called and made an appointment for a technician to come out. They didn’t come when they were supposed to, the TV randomly started working again by itself, and now this week, the remote doesn’t work. We can’t win. Hahaha


That it is really hard to get simple errands done, like going to the post office or the bank, during the work week!


That these grapes are overrated. They are good, but definitely still taste like a regular ol’ grape!



Like this. Hahaha


Me after the first day of school…and every other day of school. 😉


I can get some blog posts scheduled for this week!


To my roommate washing dishes and the song “Roots” by Imagine Dragons.


The successful end to my first week of teaching!


Seasonal beer from Citizen Burger


“Apple Pumpkin” from Yankee Candle!



Here you will find part of my wishlist since I haven’t had my first pay day yet. 😉

04  sohogirl-1-5_2

BlardiganPlaid Shirt Dress

1170986_183850 4b162c3430fa9ee472a0cc43d91bd6c9

  Fringe BootiesConverse


The Lord (and my principal) for casual dress days!


Wednesday was “Workout Wednesday” and yes friends, that means all the teachers showed up in running shoes and comfy…oh, I mean “workout”…clothes.


And Friday is Spirit Day. We are the Mighty Red Birds, but I don’t have an official school shirt yet, so I just rocked the color red. 🙂


Ordering food for dinner. And I never do that! Also skipping my workout. I usually don’t do that either!


To decorate for fall!


My roommate decorated and moved the majority of furniture into our apartment because she moved in a month before I did. I was hoping she wouldn’t mind a few fall touches on the fireplace since she chose the other pieces and luckily, she loved it. 🙂 Now that this picture is uploaded, it’s bothering me that it is slightly crooked…


Cleaning my apartment! Such fun. 😉

What are you up to?

7 thoughts on “Currently [Day 12]

  1. BLARDIGAN. Will change your life, it’s definitely something you need to buy ASAP. I love that you’re linking up!! So glad you made it through your first week of teaching! 🙂

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