Life at 23 [Day 13]

September 13: Create a collage for this season in your life.

I know everyone always says, “The best is yet to come”, and we all roll our eyes at how corny that sounds…but I’m starting to believe that it is true. I start to like myself and my life more and more as I get older. Here’s what life is looking like at 23. 🙂

Untitled design

Teaching: 20 years in the making. Finally my career after fifteen years of dreaming and five years of studying!
My tribe: Whether it’s my family or my closest friends, I love the people in my life to the ends of the Earth and I would do anything for them!
Cross: I am so glad that I found National Community Church in D.C. I truly look forward to being in God’s presence, hearing the message, and seeing the people each week!
PiYo & Spinning: The two group fitness classes that I instruct in my free time. I’m taking a bit of a break this fall as I figure out my teaching schedule and my grad school schedule, but I can’t wait to pick those two classes back up in the spring! Instructing fitness classes makes me so happy. 🙂
Gorgeous teal + neutral bedroom: Needing and wanting inspiration to decorate with a little more style these days!
Running: My happy place.
Picturesque house: HGTV and home decorating magazines have been my favorite since middle school. I can’t wait to build my own house one day. 😉
Fall outfit: A totally Kylie outfit!
Wildwood: The best place in all the land.
Quote: The closer we get to who we are meant to be, the brighter we shine.” Are you who you want to be?
Coffee: A big warm hug in a mug every morning.
iPod girl: Whether it is Pandora, Spotify, iTunes, or the radio, I always have some kind of music playing. I associate songs with memories and I listen to different styles of music depending on the time of day. As I write this, it is Saturday night and I am winding down for the night. I am listening to Lana del Rey radio on Pandora because all the songs that play are very chill.
Streets of Monaco: Have I been? No, I have not. But my list of travel destinations is long and I love pinning pictures of places I want to go. If I won the lottery, I would be on the next plane to anywhere. Not because anywhere is better than here…I don’t think that at all. I just have wanderlust. 🙂

What’s on your collage for this season of life?


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2 thoughts on “Life at 23 [Day 13]

  1. When you head to Monaco if you want a traveling buddy let me know! I love running too but unfortunately it’s put on hold while I get over my plantar fasciitis……..Been to grad school, it went way to fast for me……I loved every bit of it…..I’m a health coach, so we “run” in kinda the same circles……loved your collage! Hope you get that dream house soon!

  2. Let’s go to Monaco!!! Okay, lets be real after my trip coming up I’m too poor but maybe in a couple of years 🙂 And that outfit is adorable. I’m sure you’re a magnificent teacher and I’m glad you pursued your dream!

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