Blogger Gone Vlogger

September 18: Record a VLOG! It can be about anything you like!

Photo on 9-17-15 at 10.57 PM

Jenna from Jenna Grace nominated me for a Liebster Award this summer, so today I am sharing my answers to her questions!

What recording my first video blog has taught me:

I really don’t care about makeup.
My hair was messy to begin with but there was one piece that was so random I had to rerecord.
I move around constantly.
My voice is weird.
I use air quotes a lot.
I am not a professional blogger or vlogger. #butweknewthatalready

Happy Friday. πŸ™‚

14 thoughts on “Blogger Gone Vlogger

  1. I use air quotes so often it’s a running joke in my family lol I love your room btw, totally cute! I liked your Vlog! It’s so funny to see the silly side of people I enjoy reading!

  2. I loved your vlog! Now my brain is reeling because you really remind me of someone I know, but I can’t think of who! And I think you look like your name could be Megan, lol! πŸ˜€

  3. Oh my gosh your voice is so not bad! I haaate my voice so much. It’s so manly I swear haha. And I am convinced it’s worse on recordings. It’s weird to finally hear someone speak when you read their blog for so long!

    • Aw well thanks! I accidentally pressed play when it was uploading and cringed haha! And I know what you mean. Half the fun of watching a vlog is putting a voice to the person:) We make up a voice to what they sound like without realizing!

  4. I totally understand not enjoying the sound of your voice – I feel exactly the same way. But, you do sound fine, here. Honestly – you have a great voice! Thanks for sharing, it was great to get to know you!

    the Noveltea Corner

  5. Wow that was so cool. I feel like I actually know you so much more after watching you in real life and not just reading your words! (trying to make that sound as least creepy as possible) But really, I’m inspired to make a “vlog” now too. Thanks for doing this!

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