Rainy Fall Friday Favorites

What are your favorites on this fine Friday?


My friends. My health. The ability to run and race and have a great Saturday with these gals. Also, happy about a new background on my iPhone. 😉


When my mom and I do the same thing at the same time: here, bake. Pumpkin spice cookies in DC, apricot and cranberry biscotti in Pittsburgh. Also, she is coming to DC for the weekend and will be here at approximately 8:30 PM tonight. FAVORITE!


This lovely little sign that I picked up at Clarendon Day last weekend. A gallery wall is in the works for my room and of course this piece will have a home on that wall. My favorite activity and my favorite place. 🙂


Workout Wednesday. There is no better pick-me-up on a Wednesday than being allowed to wear workout clothes to work!


On that note…my coworkers and my mentor. I’ve officially survived my first month of teaching and I’m taking them all thank you cards and cookies today. You think you know what you are getting into with teaching, you really do…but here’s a fun fact: you really really really do not! Hahaha


Tea and cookie time. I was trying to plan my meals better this week so I didn’t “need” a snack every night, but this doesn’t count. 😉


Mail from new blogger friends! This is the worst picture ever as I opened this package right after I worked out. I also look bald. A short ponytail will do that to a girl. I will style the scarf better and post about it next week. For now, all you need to know is that the pattern is beautiful and all around the edges are…TASSLES. Yes, I died. Yes, I love it. Thank you, Blake!


When Timehop reminds me of my favorite year of college ever with my favorite friends. #senioryear #timeflies


Getting home from work by 5 PM and having time to read a book and bake cookies. On Monday, I had a meeting after school until 7 and on Tuesday, I had to go to UMD for my graduate class. Needless to say, I was super excited to drive right to my apartment after work on Wednesday! Also, I could live on the meal combination of a sweet potato and an omelette forever and ever.


These disposable cups from Target. They are cute, they come with cup sleeves, and I don’t have to wash them because HELLO throw them right away! One of my students asked why I had so many different mugs. Another wanted to know why I was drinking coffee at 3 PM. #onedaytheywillknow


This Snapchat filter. I love that they know that it is seriously raining cats and dogs! It has been raining since Tuesday and yesterday, we finally had our first day of indoor recess. I don’t want to talk about it. Hahaha BUT if Hurricane Joaquin hits the coast, it’s supposed to hit Sunday night, so everyone is already talking about how school will be cancelled on Monday. We can dream, right?

Have the best weekend! 🙂


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10 thoughts on “Rainy Fall Friday Favorites

  1. I love it all. You and your momma are going to have so much fun this weekend! I’m excited for you! That’s so sweet of your coworker and blogger friend. You got all sorts of gifts this week. Now I’m just wishing I was in my work-out clothes at home baking pumpkin spice cookies. Jealous!

  2. Yay, have fun with your mom! I get to see mine tomorrow and I am so stoked! Also what a cute scarf from Blake! I also read her blog, so it’s cool your scarf is from her!

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