Scarves & Books: These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things

Hello, friends!

In case you were wondering, I say the word “friends” approximately 157 times per day. At least. At my school, I have noticed that a lot of teachers say “friends” when they are referring to their entire class, and I have also noticed that I have started doing the same thing. So for example, instead of saying, “Hey guys, stop that”, I might say, “Oh no. My friends are walking in the hall quietly. They are NOT talking.” And then suddenly, everyone pops to attention. 🙂


Today’s post is brought to you in part by two duos: Rachel & Astleigh and Katie & Molly!

scarf swap

Floral and Fudge & Hill Collection

A few weeks ago, Rachel and Astleigh announced that they were going to host a scarf swap. I love reading both Rachel and Astleigh’s blogs because they truly appreciate the little things in life and both seem so joyful. They are a little bit older than me, so in reading their blogs, I find myself looking up to them a little bit. So of course, when they mentioned their idea, I loved it! Those who were interested in this white elephant exchange sent in their name and address and received a name and address in return. This exchange had my name written all over it because I love to shop and I love to send and receive mail! I think mail, especially fun mail, makes the day so much more exciting. I was happy to make someone else’s day with a scarf! My email said that I would be sending a scarf to Becky over at Little Loud Life. I purchased a violet colored, lightweight scarf that is perfect for fall, yet can be worn all year long for my new friend!


This is Becky wearing her new scarf! Not only did I get to send her some fun mail, but I also got to know another fellow Pennsylvania blogger. She writes about every day life with her family and I can already tell that she is someone I would love to know in real life. She seems so down to earth and her two kiddos seem so sweet!

Early last week, I opened my mailbox to find a package from Blake over at Forever Callahan. If you recall, I was so excited that I threw my new scarf on over my workout clothes…and I had just finished working out! Ha!


The scarf that Blake sent me is totally something that I would pick out myself, yet I have never seen anything like it before. It has a pretty purple, pink, and gold paisley pattern and is lined with purple tassels. It’s also an infinity scarf, which is my favorite kind of scarf to wear because it styles itself! I often find myself tying “regular scarves” together on opposite ends so that I can make them infinity scarves. It’s just my favorite way to wear them!


In 2.1 seconds you will understand why I’m not a fashion blogger. Or any kind of legitimate blogger, for that matter. I am already jealous of the pretty pictures that Astleigh posted of her and her scarf earlier today! However, I have yet to wear my new scarf and so I have attempted to style it a few different ways that I think I may wear it in the future. 🙂


Let’s look at the worst picture first so we can move on. 😉 This maroon shirt from Old Navy is loose and falls slightly off the shoulder, so though I mostly wear it in fall and winter, I always find myself wearing a scarf with it so that I can cover up! It’s lucky that the color matches perfectly since this is a “scarf” shirt for me.

Next, just a regular V-neck t-shirt that is in the purple family, but isn’t too matchy matchy with the scarf. Jeans and brown boots and I’m good to go!


And finally, I keep seeing and reading that white jeans or pants are appropriate in the fall. Well, how about this chambray shirt, this scarf, white pants, and brown boots? I think I would look like a Pinterest model. #justkidding


Better Off Benedict & Colors Of Life Blog

Last month, I told you I was reading a lot of books about teaching since this is my first year. Since then, I have tried to make some more time for reading for fun…and especially reading for fun off screen. When I say that, I mean not on the computer or my iPad. I don’t spend a ton of time looking at a computer at work, but I feel like I have a lot of screen time in my free time, so I am trying to split that time up between the computer and books!


I got this book at the local library’s huge sale a few weeks ago. It’s written by Ann Brashares, who, if you remember, is the author of The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants series. This story follows the girls several years later when they are all grown up! Right at the beginning, the story takes an unexpected turn, and I wasn’t really happy about it! Even so, I am interested to see how it plays out. I loved these stories when they first came out and I love that the author wrote a book about the girls as adults!

I’m also reading this nonfiction read that I ordered from Amazon. I don’t remember where I had heard someone mention this book…but I do remember wanting it right away and then just never ordering it. The title speaks to me because I still struggle with food and exercise sometimes, worrying that I am not eating my best or doing enough at the gym, even though I am not as obsessed as I once was. I don’t know that I expected it to be a story, but I did expect chapters of some sort.


Strangely enough, it can be a quick read if you want it to be. Each “chapter” is about 2-3 pages and they are not specifically about eating or working out. As you see above, this chapter is about making the choices that will allow you to live your happiest and healthiest life. There are also little sections about surrounding yourself with the right people and not wanting what other people have. Even though it is not what I expected, I am liking it so far!

Alright, I think we are all caught up. I wish this post had gone live at 9 o’clock this morning instead of 9 o’clock this evening, but one month into school, I finally caught my first sickness! My throat felt strange all day on Sunday and by Sunday night, I was talking like a frog. I felt fine on Monday, I just had no voice, which made for an interesting day of teaching. 😉 Tuesday I woke up all congested…so last night, I went right to sleep as soon as I could! I’m feeling better today but definitely still sound froggy. I can’t whisper, because no sound comes out, and I can’t yell, because my voice cracks like a teenage boy. So it’s one volume for me. My students love it. Happy Wednesday!

5 thoughts on “Scarves & Books: These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things

  1. I really want to read that book that is the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants all grown up. I mean, brilliant!! I watched those movies on repeat when I was younger, as well as read the books. Thanks for linking up with us!

  2. That scarf is adorable, and the exchange is such a fun idea! I was obsessed with the Sisterhood series growing up so I too was really excited about the Sisterhood Everlasting. It was definitely very unexpectedly different, but I really liked it.

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