Tried It Tuesday: ClassPass

If there is one thing to know about me, it is that I love to work out. My most favorite way to break a sweat is to go running, but as we all know, I have had my ups and downs with running. Any sport or workout can be hard on your body, but I don’t always take the best care of myself post-workout (just being honest!) and so injuries strike. Such is life. That would still be life even if I was doing everything right! It comes with the running territory.


In the spirit of taking care of myself, I decided to join ClassPass. I don’t have a gym membership because there is a gym in my apartment building and like I said, I love to run. However, ClassPass intrigued me because I love the atmosphere of a fitness class. It’s part of the reason I became a fitness instructor! I found that for $99, I could attend classes at 231 different studios in the DC area. That is a LOT of variety!

Plus, studio classes tend to be on the more expensive side, so it is actually cheaper to go to some of my favorite places through ClassPass. I figure that most classes are around $20, so to get your money’s worth, you have to go to at least 5 classes per month. After that, it’s like the classes are “free”! This is my version of girl math. 😉 You can only go to each place 3 times every month, which keeps people from taking advantage of ClassPass’ cheaper price and using it to just go to their favorite studio. It also encourages you to mix up your workouts! Of course, there are advantages and disadvantages to having this kind of gym membership.


– Advantages –

  1. I can book classes online or through the ClassPass app on my phone.

2. I am able to search for barre, boxing, cycling, dance, gym time, martial arts, pilates, rowing, strength training, or yoga and choose a certain time frame to even further narrow the search. Gym time simply means an hour of time to use any of the machines at a certain gym like a regular member, which is a cool feature, too!

3. I am able to try a different studio every day of the week if I want to!

4. I can book at the last minute, so if I am not sure what I feel like doing that day or I am not sure how my day will go, I still have options when I finally have time to work out.

– Disadvantages –

  1. I lose a little bit of time driving to new places because I am not sure how long it will take me to get there and I don’t want to be late! Most studios don’t allow you to take the class if you are even a few minutes late, which is totally understandable.

2. You must cancel 12 hours in advance to avoid being charged. This rule sounds logical, but on Saturday night I signed up for a cycling class at 10:06 PM. The class was to take place at 10 AM on Sunday morning. Well, when my friend went to sign up for the class, she didn’t get in. That can happen. But at that point, I couldn’t cancel my reservation even though I had just made it because it was less than 12 hours away. See the predicament?! Luckily, lots of studios offer the first class free or have a free trial week, so you can squeeze in that way…or you can pray a spot opens by morning, which is what we did in that case. 🙂

3. Most studios only allow 3-4 ClassPass members in each of their classes. The rest of the spots are reserved for people who actually have a membership to that particular studio. Again, this makes sense, but it can be tricky if you are planning to go to a class with another ClassPass friend!

4. If you aren’t great at managing your schedule, you could possibly spend a lot of extra money with your membership. If you cancel less than 12 hours in advance, you are charged $15. If you miss a class completely, you are charged $20. However, this definitely keeps you accountable to what you have scheduled! Plus, I have been in situations where I am on the way to a class and I just know with traffic, I will not make it. In my experience, if you call the studio, they will move your reservation to another day or try to accommodate you in some way. However, that may not always be the case, so even if you are intending to go to a class, if something happens and you don’t get there on time, that may just be an extra charge for you!

– Final Thoughts –

Ultimately, ClassPass is the way to go if you are someone who loves studio classes but doesn’t love studio class membership prices. 😉 One of my favorite cycling studios, Zengo Cycle, is finally on ClassPass, which makes me so happy! Of course, you won’t find every studio included. For example, SoulCycle is a very popular cycling studio in DC, but it is not part of ClassPass. As ClassPass gains more popularity, I think more studios are jumping on board. When I looked into this membership at the beginning of 2015, it did not have nearly as many options as it does now!

Another thing I love is the opportunity to give feedback. After I take a class, the first thing that opens on the ClassPass app is this survey to rate the class and one question about the studio or the instructor. I love that ClassPass cares enough about its members to get their opinions on the studios and workouts they are attending!


Do I use ClassPass every day? No. I make sure to use it enough to get my money’s worth and cross train, but I still get to do my favorite thing, which is run. I have tried more classes and had more variety in my workouts in the last two months than I have in a long time! I’ve done pull-ups (with lots of assistance), I’ve lifted kettlebells that are heavier than I ever thought I could lift, I’ve strengthened my core with the wonderful but terrible TRX bands, I’ve attempted Pure Barre, and I’ve actually picked up dumbbells and used them for more than 5 minutes. Ha! Overall, ClassPass has been a great investment for me. I will definitely stick with it through the cold winter months when running may be more weather dependent!

So tell me…do you have a gym membership? Are you a workout at home person? Do YOU have ClassPass?


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8 thoughts on “Tried It Tuesday: ClassPass

  1. I’ve heard a lot of good things about class pass but I know at least in Baltimore, even within studios you can’t go to some classes. For example, our spin studio here (Rev Cycle) accepts classpass but you can’t take any classes with the owner because her classes are the most sought after. Frustrating since they’re the only ones I like going to! Otherwise though I think it’s a great way to get a ton of variety in since if it were up to me I would just run and spin all the time.

    • Ugh that’s a terrible rule! I understand why they do that, but they should give you like one chance a week haha! Zengo is my favorite studio in DC (and it’s on ClassPass) but I haven’t decided on any favorite instructors yet so I’m sure that will become a problem in the future once I know everyone;) The person teaching makes all the difference! When people (or friends) come to my class, I am totally fine with them not liking it because the instructor and the music make the class!

  2. I was so tempted when I first heard about ClassPass! I might have to look into it once Michael gets a job here. I’d definitely be more motivated to work out if I got to do group fitness classes.

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