Bookworm Wednesday: January

I tell my students all the time that I love to read, but I’ve found in the last few months that I don’t practice what I preach. I DO love to read, I DO have a stack of books waiting to be read, and I DO scroll through Instagram and fall down the Internet rabbit hole every time I have a free moment. I learned how easy it is to survive without social media (minus my blog) when I gave it up for Lent last year, and it is one of my resolutions this year to make less social media part of my life. I have a life outside of those apps, so I need to go live it. And I’ve been doing a lot of that living thing during the holiday season, so that’s a good omen for the new year. 🙂

Today I’m talking books with Molly & Katie!


The first book I read over the holidays was a book chosen at complete random. I have a box of books in the back of my car that I was given for free and have been meaning to take into my classroom. Since I always forget the books are there, they made the trip with me back to Pittsburgh instead of making it into my classroom in Virginia. 🙂 I was waiting (and waiting, and waiting…) to pick my brother up from work one day and I decided to go get a book to read while I waited. I did want to read, but there was also terrible service in the parking lot of my brother’s work and I was wasting a lot of data (and patience) trying to make everything load. #firstworldproblems


ANYWAYS, I found the first book in The Babysitter’s Club series and I was so excited! I still have every single Babysitter’s Club book at my mom’s house somewhere. I loved the whole series, I loved the Super Special series that came out a little bit later, and I loved the Babysitter’s Little Sister series, too. Reading a book is like going to another world or another life for a little while, and these books were part of my little kid life. There were a lot of parts that I remembered while I was reading and then there were some character traits and events that I didn’t remember at all, so it was a fun read! And obviously a quick one since it’s written for a younger audience. 🙂

The Internet: that place you go to post way too many details about your life and make friends with people you’ve never met. Or something.  The below book was brought to me by one of my best blogging friends, Molly, who is also the co-host of this link-up. #shamelessplug

FullSizeRender (1).jpg

I bought the book from the “Shop My” page on her blog and I feel very creative with my side by side picture (Molly left, me on the right). #dontmakefun #youknowyouwantto

 I purchased both Dancing Through Life and Balancing It All with my aunt in mind, because she loves Candace Cameron Bure. I kept this one for myself and gave the other to my aunt and I can’t wait to trade with her! Dancing Through Life is all about Candace’s journey on Dancing With The Stars with a lot of her faith in there, too. I am not a DWTS superfan, but it’s really interesting to read about her experience. I am especially loving reading about how she stayed close to the Lord throughout her experience because I tend to think I can handle everything on my own and I KNOW I need to pray about the situation and/or the people before I take action. I am very inspired by her confidence in herself, her faith, and surrounding herself with only the people who will lift her up. That is what I want for myself.

I feel like I cheated with the third book because I didn’t really READ it…


Tell me you feel the same way as Rory about books?! #gilmoregirlsforever

My aunt gifted me Michael Strahan’s new biography Wake Up Happy for Christmas…but I recieved the audiobook so I could listen to it while I traveled!


My mom told me if she listened to an audiobook, she would fall asleep. Ha! I love listening to podcasts, so I figured an audiobook would be similar and I would like it. The coolest part is that Michael is reading the book himself! I love watching Kelly and Michael when I’m home on a weekday, so hearing him talk all about his life was really fun. I listened to it while I drove back to DC and every day on the way to and from work this week…and now it’s over and I’m sad! If only Kelly Ripa would record an audiobook, too. 🙂

This really is the story of Michael’s life, but he weaves in positivity and motivation into each chapter (or phase) of his life. I had NO idea that he was one of six children, from Texas, raised in Germany, a father while he was in college, a long-distance father as his wife and kids went back to Germany, or a really amazing football player. Sure, I knew he played football and had 4 kids from two marriages, but beyond that I just knew I liked his charisma on TV! My favorite fun fact that I learned is that his brothers used to call him “Bob”…which he later learned meant “Booty on Back” because he was an overweight middle schooler. Poor guy! It gets better…he used his own money to buy a Jane Fonda VHS and worked out by himself every day after school!

I related to him a lot as he spoke of his experiences because he is a very introverted guy, but he is also very thoughtful and tries to think about how everything that happens to him can be for something good. I consider myself an introvert and an over-analyzer, so hopefully now that I’ve learned his strategies for waking up happy, I won’t just wake up and be happy…I’ll be happy all day long. 🙂

What have you been reading?!

9 thoughts on “Bookworm Wednesday: January

  1. Oh my gosh, I love your side-by-side picture with mine. So cute!!! I’m glad you liked Candace Cameron Bure’s books and that’s so sweet of you thinking about your aunt when you got them. Thanks for joining us today!!

  2. So cool that you bought Molly’s book and are picture twins. 🙂 I’ve never listened to an audiobook. I feel like I would get distracted and have to rewind which annoys me. With a book I just have to go back a page or two. But I like when it’s the actual author reading the book…that makes me want to try it out some day!

    • I was zoning out while I was driving after an especially frustrating day at work and I was annoyed in the moment that I missed what he said but then I just didn’t care. I actually pay attention so much more to my driving while I’m listening which is weird. I cannot believe I’m admitting this, but when I just listen to music, I look at my phone…while driving…way too much. So I loved listening to the audiobook because I was never “bored” enough to look at my phone lol!

  3. I’m with you on that! I have a stack of books that I’m excited about, but then when I have a chance to read, I spend my time on the internet! I need to find a way to stop! haha

  4. Okay – I think I need to read Candace’s books like ASAP!! 🙂 Also I would love to listen to Michael on recording on my drive to work… I love his voice! Is that weird? haha. How do you listen to it in the car? Is it through your phone?

  5. Candace Cameron Bure is pretty awesome!! I read Balancing it All a few years ago and LOVED it. I made my mom read it and she loved it. I’ll have to read Dancing Through Life. I just love that she’s a strong Christian and stands her ground being in hollywood, you know? It’s inspiring.

    The Michael Straham book sounds amazing. I like reading memoirs like that because it’s neat to learn about people you see on the news/TV every day. He always seems so positive and hardworking, sooo now I want to read his book, too! I love audio books so much. It’s always 10x better when the author reads their own book, too!

    As for what I’ve been reading… I am reading “Then Came You” by Jennifer Weiner, “Leaving” by Karen Kingsbury, and just finished “Saving Savvy” by Kelly Hancock and “13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do” by Amy Morin!

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