Marvelous Happenings

Before I get on to the marvelous things that happened this weekend, can I share a revelation?

Like most people, the first Monday of the year, I started a new workout and nutrition plan. Did you? Well, even if you didn’t, here’s my two cents. I am a generally healthy eater and avid exerciser to begin with, so I was more seeking structure than a magic pill for weight loss, because I don’t need that. And now that I’m a week into this very structured plan, I’m irritated.

There’s a very fine line between following a plan exactly TO the plan, which is what I’ve been doing, and living your life. I do believe there is a time and a place for strict guidelines, but I need to learn to be okay with doing something “off plan”.

I went to a Steelers bar to watch the playoff game and I ordered chicken nachos. There are worse things. I went to a pop up workout in D.C. instead of waking up and doing my scheduled lifting. There are worse things. I’m in the midst of figuring out how to make this plan fit MY life instead of fitting myself into its mold, because it’s not lasting to be on a strict nutrition and workout plan. I like cookies and chocolate and chicken nachos, thank you very much. Plus I LOVE working out with people, and it’s not the end of the world to do a different workout and skip the one that is planned. Because it is also not normal to workout twice daily. Maybe for fun, but that’s a personal choice. 😉 And now I’m done rambling.


Marvelous is…

Outdoor recess in January where I’m NOT freezing my tail off. Not so marvelous is a slight mist that is almost like rain, but not really…

Making new recipes! I’ve had Quinoa and Black Bean SaladTurkey Chili, and Crockpot Salsa Chicken lately.

Returning a bunch of random items at different stores and getting your money back for all of them! #winning


This image because it’s so true of me! Exhibit A:


Parenthood on Netflix, cinnamon apple tea, and a big fuzzy blanket.

Marvelous is also a bar full of Steelers fan and a WIN in the playoffs! (Now deserving this win, that’s a whole other story…did we deserve this particular win? Yes, because the Bengals are classless. Are we going to make it past next week’s game against the Broncos? Here’s to hoping…)


A free pop-up workout at Union Market! We did a dynamic warm up length wise across that room that included sprints, suicides, burpees, bear crawls, and more. Then we did HIIT exercises and ended the workout with a free juice from South Block Juice Co.! Chris and Alex Perrin, who led the workout, are local fitness instructors. The music was great, everyone had so much energy, and there was actually some competition in the room among friends! Though they did wear a headset so that we could all hear them, it was difficult to hear Alex at times which was frustrating, but it was kind of like The Wave…half the room figured out what to do and the rest of us followed suit. 🙂


61 degrees in January. WHERE IS THE SNOW?! #teacherproblems


Coffee at Ebenezer’s, my church’s coffeehouse.


Driving to random convenience stores to play the Powerball. The more random, the more chances of winning, right?! #logic

And the highlight…getting a library card. I had to show approximately 234783 forms of ID because I don’t have a Virginia license yet, but I was so excited just to hang out in the building! Libraries make me happy. 🙂 And I got another audiobook! From Michael Strahan to Ivanka Trump. I borrowed some book suggestions from Allie’s post and I can’t wait to start reading!







4 thoughts on “Marvelous Happenings

  1. Parenthood!! Oh my goodness! Best show ever!! Is this the first time you’re watching it??
    I’ll send some cold your way if you’ll send me some 60 degrees! 😉

  2. We looove making turkey chili! Ground turkey is our most bought meat for dinner, we use it for everything! I saw your Insta that it was 61 degrees and Michael (who always knows everything before me) was like, “It’s in the 60s there [the football game]” and I got to say that I already knew that because #blogs! Hahaha.

  3. I like your ramble, Kylie! It’s all about balance! I have so many things I get down on myself about (“I MUST keep the house spotless,” “I MUST walk Lola every day,” “I MUST meal plan and cook all of our meals homemade,” etc.) but if I do everything and don’t actually live/enjoy my life… what’s the point?! Some days my house is messy, but I have fun playing video games with Jimmy. Some days Lola doesn’t get a walk, but snuggles on the couch instead because it’s cold and I’m tired. Some says we have sandwiches for dinner instead of homemade soup–oh well! Finding that balance is something I have to continually work on–so I totally relate!

    Anyways! I spy Secrets of a Charmed Life and The Residence. YAY!! I really hope you love them!! Library cards are the best! So glad you got one and were able to hang out with Steeler’s fans!

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